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i think jersey shore is s2pid and the ppl on there have messed up minds and need to gho out into the real world for a change!!!!!!!!! there. i said. it felt good.
there both ugly.
Pauly of course!!!!! i love that boy!!!! Vinny has to be the ugliest guy in the whole house-_-
VINNY ALL THE WAY!!!! exclaim exclaim exclaim talk2hand
PAULY D 100% heart razz
there both ugly.

thats b/c ur a guy and ur not gay is why u think that way
UMMM hello the Situation is HOTT heart
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I dont really know who those people are so I guess I'll pick Pauly D. or something like that. smile
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I consider both of them as douche bags but vinny is kind of a nice guy if you get to know him wink
i think this is one of the worst programs that has ever come out on television.
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Angel Wearing Jeans
Vinny FOR SURE! Pauly would be cute if it wasn't for his nasty hair.

Not that I watch Jersey Shore... :X


If that's you in your siggy, then I see how you would come to that conclusion.
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Okay so heres an idea. Why dont all you haters get a life. The only reason you hate on jersey shore is because you jelous. Yes, i said it. Jelaous. Its you who wants to be doing the things their doing, but you cant because your confined to you room, blinds closed, trying to talk trash about them. If you really think they are stupid, then you wouldnt comment. But you know the thing that makes you comment. Jelousy.

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