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EVERYONE!!!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin
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The person i hate the most on jersey shore will have to be angelina because she talks alot of s**t and c**k-blocks about what her other roomates are doing with other women
heart i hate them all sept polly vinny nd jwoww
but woe that letter ugh.. i wish day would tell sam bout ron
Shores is for whores!
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ok, so i hate angelina the most, wat about u guys??

i dont know and i dont care
shnooki is the most stupid of all of them.
angelina. i will never like her after she slapped pauly ! idgaf if she was drunk .
but ronnie & sammi are old news & just annoying now .
but i love the showwwww <33333 [;
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i also hate angelina
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Depends on the episode. dramallama
I hate all of them. stare
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angelina she is really anoying but i feel bad for her
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Sammi needs to stop saying she's done when every time she ends up f***ing him.- Hate.
Ronnie is a man W***e and needs to dump Sammie instead of being a cheater - Hate.
Angelina was the worst but now she's just trying to have fun and start no drama but is being pulled in by Snookie and Jenni. - Alright.
Vinny is cute and sweet. - Like. wink
Pauly D is a nice guy. - Like.
Mike "The Situation" has an awesome sense of humor and the best abs! 4laugh - Love.
Snookie and her pickle... Enough said. - Like.
JWooww is annoying with her habit of being a slut. - Alright.

I like the guys, the girls are catty.
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hey guys u know who i hate angilena wat up wit her if u see jersy takes miami she just had to come bac and start gossip oh snooki/nicole

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