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Personally, I think they ALL need to fall down a cliff and a airplane crashes onto them. And they all die horrible, painful death :]

And why would you think such a thing?

Because Jersey Shore is NOT and amazing show and NEVER should've gone on the air. It made lose hope in humanity if this piece of malarkey is what ignorant people call "entertainment"

Sure... Ok... I like the show personally but... your opinion is your opinion.
sammy & angelina. d:
haha she farted. o.o
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Personally Jersey Shores is personal the stupidest show ever invented.

First, New Jersey is NOTHING like it is portrayed.
Second, Italians CANT PHYSICALLY BE THAT TAN. Its obviously fake, because Italians have an olive skin tone, and unless its fake you cant get a tan like that as an Italian.
Third, its just another reality show that proves when rich bubble heads get on T.V., they are all pitifully retarded.

This is just my opinion, but seriously, what is the whole point of jersey shores?!
i hate angelina the most because i think she is a fake !
hehe !
wht do u think ?
Ughhh I hate them all they are soooo stupiddd....but I cant stop watching the show...Its like gum on the bottom of my shoee! sweatdrop
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Ughhh I hate them all they are soooo stupiddd....but I cant stop watching the show...Its like gum on the bottom of my shoee! sweatdrop

haha i hate it wen that happens.
I don't know maybe all the drama with everyone in the house lol why can't they all just get along lol jk

but still i can't stop watching it hahaha rofl
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Ronnie, ugh hes such an a**, but hes funny lmfao xp
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......................................... idk
I really dont like Angelina she is very nagging and she thinks she is the center of all the guys dreams. And i dont know if anyone else saw it but in the last episode pauly had a point her outfit really did look like her suit case from season one.
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Angela she is so facke so after the get famous and their in music videos and have their own cd she wants to try and be friends with them
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nobody love the drasma dramallama
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i hate all of them the show sux n retarted
The Situation because he thinks that he is all that.

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