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At first, Angelina was my least favorite.
But now, Sammi pisses me off every time she opens her mouth. Ugh. mad
She got so mad at her friends because they wanted to do the right thing, but they were afraid of losing her friendship.
i hate all of them. Jersey is nothing like that at allllllll. I think only like one or two is even actually from jersey.
I hate Angelina's guts.
i cant ******** stand Sammie
4 me angelina n sami rolleyes
Angelina but with the note and stuff sammi SERIOUSLY frustrated me.
I agree wiff Angelina she fckin pisses me off wiff her lazy a** self scream
i kinda hate ronnie 4 wat he does 2 sammi but i feel bad 4 sammi she dosent noe wats goin on rolleyes
i agree angelina
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ok, so i hate angelina the most, wat about u guys??

i hate her 2 also sammi but its funny bc alot of people make fun of snookie
I personally dont like Angelina, if she couldnt handle staying the entire summer she shouldnt have been there at all... All she wanted was the tv time.
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Angelina but with the note and stuff sammi SERIOUSLY frustrated me.
i ageee 100%

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