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the fake boobs...

Jwoww's fake boob's are pretty hott, not gunna lie

maybe...but i dont like it when it looks fake... where is the attraction in that?
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Angelina such a B**CH! scream
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its a tie between snookie and the situation
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Angelina for sure... blaugh
I hate Angelina
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Angelina is most definitely the worst.
It's a tie between Sammi and Angelina.
I seriously hate how Sammi thinks she's the baddest b*tch
and how Angelina is a whore.
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ANGELINA , of course. She is a whore.
I also dislike Sammi , she thinks she is all tough. Snooki and Jwoww was just trying to help her and sammi had to be a butt about the note. She also feels sorry for herself in my eyes xd . At first i felt bad then she just tried to get attention.
angelina deeeuuuu
ANGELINA!!!! she's so annoyin!!! she hella blcks out when she gets drunk n 4gets evrythin! burning_eyes
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i hate angelina cuz she so fukin fake to me nd i hate sammie cuz of her wining stupid nieve azz lol
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I ******** hate Angelina the most but Sammi sucks too. I want them both to get their asses kicked so they'll leave the show.
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scream I HATE ALL OF THEM. scream

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