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i dislike angelina, ronnie and sammi the most.

and the situation in season one. scream

The situation in season one was a d**k D;
but he's cool now ;]
Angelina is a b***h is you ask me. I hate her, she expects everyone to like her after she's the b***h, yeah okay, like it's ever gonna happen.
Ronnie is cute, but a douche for doing what he does to Sammi, and Sammi is really stupid to take him back, and she says it's done, and goes back. like who does that?
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Angelina's is a total biotch i dislike her ALOT!! so totally agree
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Sammi is a pathetic idiot-hate. xp
Ronnie has a triangle head-hate not as much as Sammi though. xp
Angelina Is a loser who shoudn't be there in the first place- hate. burning_eyes
Vinny smartasss cutie-like 3nodding
Pauly D gorgeous giudo-love heart
Mike "The Situation" fun loving guy with big muscles but causes to much drama-like rofl
Snookie wierd short fat pretty guidette who like pickles-like wahmbulance
JWooww the biggest slut in the house who stands up for her friends-like wahmbulance

haha, I agree with you smile
i hate remember series 1 situation andpauly bring home 2 girls ditch dum get new ones then 1 is a battle axe well I HATE HER
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That's what she said.
That's what she said.
Angelinaa at the start but sammi is really annoying, ron i hate you i love you i hate you.. god..

omfg! ikr. she already found the letter of what ron did at b.e.d and shes S T I L L forgave him. sammi is always like '' im done, im done.'' when really shes not. like seriouslyy make up your freaking mind.i used to think sammi too but then it kinda switcheed to sammi.
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Angelina she's freakin annoying
Angelina XD!
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i hate ronnie after wat he did to sammi. but i dont like sammi cuz she always forgives ronnie. and i hate angelina cuz she is annoying
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I dont hate anyone on that show. I cant hate someone I dont know, plus I dont like to use the word I hate. But they all prabably have the wrongs.
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I HATE Angelina the most.
She's a gold digger... -.-
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That's my opinion about it

That's what she said.

That's what she said.

That's what she said.

Thanks. mrgreen

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