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I completely agree, I strongly dislike both Angelina and Sammi.
I was like yelling at my screen calling her a stupid vvhore for when she kept going to b***h back a Ronnie when she simply said, "I'm done with you" and yet she kept going back to him. Plus, she totally ditched Jwoww and Snooki. Like seriously? Your stupid. They both told you the truth about that jerkio your still dating. As for Angelina, shes a stupid vvhore also. She doesn't clean up, she disgusts me. Especially the way she treated Jose' or however you spell it. Haha x) But yeah I can't stand either of them and when Angelina left I was so happy!(; Can't wait for tonights episode<3

i know! ugh people like sammi just drive me insane its like get a life and stop messing with the same people and angelina i am super happy that she is gone! she better not come back in the new season of jersey shore
I know eh? Holy s**t yesterdays new episode totally drove me insane! Like how Sammi and Ron were talking, "Why are you even with me?" I think Ron should really just ditch her. Like shes stupid and needs to make her own decisions instead of asking him about it all the time -.- Its ridiculous! Ronnie even said so himself(;

ikr? tht got me like soooo mad he should of said i dont know why am i with you, you are crazy! lol he should totally leave her or something
Mhm definatly. D:<
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jasper cullen012
damm u have double d's 2 babe u really cute 2

I Agree
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stare stare
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wahmbulance wahmbulance
Sammi is a dumbass like how can she get mad at Sooki and Jenni and they were trying to tell the truth.wtf

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