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yeah who does like that
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omg! i love that! xd
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Ozzy Osborn made fun of Jersey shore at Ozz fest this year lol I was there
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haha. Why can't people just love and stop hatin? biggrin
(what happened to the good old days when we just smoked weed and got along with everyone?) I heard an old white guy say that and I shyt my bricks. O.o
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I LOVE T-shirt time! I can't get that little jingle outta my head
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Random topic... Who likes T-shirt time?
Lmbooo i love that song
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Jersey Shore.
Tank top/Tshirt time.
All the guys hang around in the house in tank tops until they are leaving and then have Tshirt time and go fist pumping..
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Wheezing Consumer

Ad this is a topic for CB (Chatterboxxx)
Dont post random topis in non SUBJECT related forums. <3
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yeah oh yeah
I like it when Pauly sings T-Shirt time 4laugh
yea i love t-shirt timee

meh and mii frends were shoutin at a water park its t-shirt timee gurls!!!
I love T-Shirt time.
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T shirt tiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
haha I love it. We do it allll day at work (super market). haha.

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