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Whats Happenin Forum forum why do ppl like cutting themselves sum of them say o Juicy i have a depressing life well BS because u should be thankful 4 wut u have like a house food a SHOWER sum ppl live in thermel countries they sleep on rocks they never bath because they have no hom most of them DIE 8( so be thankful 4 wut u have Forum because remember sum ppl r homeless they have no family at all so Forum be thankful 4 wut u have ty 4 watchin a episode of XD im Juicy Snow And i Approve this messege so tell me forum leave a comment 4 me then it may be on my rant so until then i got 1 for u who stole ur cookies XD
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WOW LABELING PPL!!!!!!!!! rlly???????????? yes
Snowy is thth some way of u insulting emo ppl? Again? U do nu tht alot of my frans r emo and so am i right?
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Wtf is Wrong With You So Your Saying Emo People Aren't people Well Mabey You Don't Have A Life Like They Do If You Where To Step Into There Shoes For A Day Mabey You Would Know The Pain They Feel And Emo Is Just Another Way To Say Gothic Stupid Cutter Is The Right Term For Emo.....Thank You For Your Time For Me To vent About How Emos Are People To.Oh And Jearsy Shore Sucks.....
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Wow...you seem so high and mighty talk2hand First off...wrong forum.. secondly I understand that there are others around the world who don't have the opportunities that we have like a home or even access to food but that gives you no right to say what you said.You are just a little boy who knows nothing of the challenges that people face everyday that may or may not lead them to harming themselves. So,.....why dont you edit this forum and when you do i will delete this post.
wtf is happening Forum Forum i dnt hate ppl every 1 has souls im not blaming any 1 but ppl stop cuttin urself's ur better then that sum ppl cut themselves cuzz they have depressing lives ppl i was ******** raped and i delt with it but lok at me i have a god life so if u ppl say if i have a prob with emo ppl im srry if u think that way but ppl rlly stop it ur hurting urself more leave more rplays and im srry ok ppl if u think that i dnt like emos but ty 4 watching my rant on XD im juicy snowy and i approve this mssg so tell me Forum who stole those damn cookies
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emo people need to get a life n stop ending there own damn y u gotta kill urself just ccause no loves you STOP BEING RETARTED scream
What the hell?
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yea emos are retarded
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Actuarially cutting yourself is an obsessive disorder
Mainly it makes them feel like they have control over something. As in they control how deep how long ,and where the cut can be placed.
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...........What the ********?
How does this have anything to do with Jersey Shore?
Gtfo, just gtfo. talk2hand
it dsnt u stupid ho3 i didnt kno where 2 put it so i clicked this
Well, I just have a few things to say about this;
1. Wrong forum.
2. Type properly.
3. Shut up.
thaaanks. c:

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