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all we can do is watch it get better by the day the world is helping
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letsss help Japan
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donate to japan victims of a bad hurricane.. sad ...
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! WOW!
cry crying sad

Please delete your post, DO NOT QUOTE THE FIRST PAGE.
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im srry bout japan
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bump biggrin
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at first i was laughing at these japanese people beacuse they looked funny i didnt think of them as humans or people at all...but i watched the news and saw an old man who was being interviewed saying :he lost his home his belonings" and was saying it in a whimper i was laughing like a douchebag and then as he was saying "all of my family is gone im the only one left" he broke out into tears and his face looked all poofy and his lips were quivering...i felt the worst pain i felt his pain and how he and i knew there was nothing he can do to see them one last time...my point is feeling sorry for them isn't helping and shouldnt make you feel like you helped i donated 10 dollars to japan

i realize life is a ******** b***h we all die inevitably but i want to change this world and help people i dont plan on dying anytime soon not without changing the world somehow but it seem lik no matter what i do im getting nowhere...going to school helps you make money money in the future but even a highschool diploma can only get you do far...i ******** hate this world and this earth i often think of ways to to get peoples attention by commiting suicide leaving a note to obama saying how the news media war economy and stuff like that affect children i hate not haveing peace it seems that peace can only be obtained byhaving money and the people that have this kind of money are too greedy and forget where they came from all they end up doing is buy a mansion worth the proce of 8 home that can be the shelter of 8 families....i just want to change the world and help people thats all...im struggling to make ends meet by selling drugs and robbing people ive never comirttied a crime i didnt have to,i try not to....but i think its a game to these "people" with money they set us up and keep us homeless jobless out on the streets just so they can drive million dollar cars and have all the material objects they want keeping us in the same spot....u shoul be making millions for playing sports rapping or being profeesinal at something thats a job if everyon was paid equaly there would be enough to go around and money crisis wounldnt exist but this is the world we live in and i ******** hate it...our econmy doesnt comethrough when it comes to natural disasters...and it never will

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