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Useful bump for a useful thread.
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Y'know, the Japanese Club at my school raised about $800 to help Japan. Of course, since our students are so self-centered, we had to give an incentive in the form of a $100 iTunes gift card... but the club's motive was to help Japan get through the after-effects of the earthquake and tsunami. I wasn't even able to give that much, either, but I know that what I did give combined with everyone else's contributions will definitely go a long way.

Point is, whatever any of us can do, Japan will be grateful.
our school raised money for japan and we gave it to the red cross ! i hope eveyone and eveything gets back on track in japan (: whee
Bumpitty bump
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Support the Red Cross :
Help with the Japan and Pacific Disasters.

Today in Japan, a Earthquake measuring 8.9 hit [ though mostly underwater ] this Earthquake was soon followed by a unexpected Tsunami. Thousands were stranded on rooftops, water all around them.
A High-speed bullet train and cruise ship both went missing, 400 passengers total to be on them.
A ship holding nearly 100 people was sweept away.
Many homes, cards, railroads, and businesses were swept away. 1,000 people are presumed to be dead.

Tragedy is the only word i can use to describe such a horror, my heart breaks hearing such things.
That's why i want to spread word through gaia in the hopes that just maybe we can help in some way.
There is more then one way to help too, donating is a very nice way to help, but another could be word of mouth, and bumping, helping find articles and more information, so this thread could be noticed and hopefully others will donate.

A little help goes a long way, and here in this thread we hope to raise some help for the tragedy in Japan that occurred this morning/afternoon by sponsoring Red Cross and spreading word through out gaia of this horrific event, with the help of Gaia and it's users, maybe we can support them in some way.

I know gaia will eventually start a donation pool via bundle, but we'd all like to still help in someway.
If you are attempting to locate a missing person in Japan, use this thread here.

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Don't quote the first page, i know i'm sexy but that's not how you get my attention.
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i heard that even if u donate to the red cross they wont use all the money just for japan because they will save some for other countries.
i heard that even if u donate to the red cross they wont use all the money just for japan because they will save some for other countries.

There's a Red Cross in Japan called the Japanese Red Cross Society. You can donate directly to them, and if you make a special arrangement you can even send care packages.

Here is the link.
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i..i cant change my avatar i dont have enough money.. i im sorry.. cry crying
it is really sad that the people in japan had the diaster
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I Fell so sad for the people who lived there

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