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this is a wonderful thing <3

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I started making cranes before the earthquake...I wanted 1000-you know the story about them but I'll make one more for Japan heart
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Kikoname Natsuko
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The above pictures are the cranes I have made so far. I dedicate them to the Japanese people.

Thanks to JeTaimex_xlove for the wonderful idea!

This thread is dedicated to the Japanese people who have gone through the horrors of the recent earthquake and tsunami. These cranes are in honor of you, and the ones you have lost.

This is a motivational thread. Prayer requests can be made here as well. I also strongly encourage you to make a donation to the red cross, or here on Gaia.
Many people have been saying that this thread reminds them of the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Go check it out!
If the thread is moving slowly, please bump - thank you!

Here's what you do:
~Make a paper crane (instructions here or here (by Yukitsu) )
~Post a picture of that crane on this thread
~You can dedicate the crane to someone you know, or to all of the Japanese people
~Repeat ^^
~If you don't know what to do with all of the cranes you made, consider this link
and actually send them to Japan!

~Follow the ToS
~Be nice
~Don't put down the Japanese (that includes any complaining about anime/manga and any unkind references to Japan/U.S. past issues)
~Don't quote this post or the list of cranes

Prayer Requests:
~JeTaimex_xlove's friend's parents
~xxX_SierraJ_Xxx's friends Suki and Miaka
~I Am Wallflower's friend Lyn
~Meia15's brother’s step-mother. Her name is Hanako.
~Kaibutsu-tan would like to pray for Japan and everyone who has suffered, and still are.
~Max. I know you live in Tokyo. I don't know if you were effected by the disasters, or how long it's been since we've spoken at all, but I'm worried about you. I'm near crying as I write this, Max. I'm waiting for you to get online so I can know you are safe. By tanz mit emi
~FairyNiamh's friend kaydark fae

Links Out:
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Words of Wisdom:

Okay I mentioned a couple posts (well pages now) about a crane project that I learned about through the Risembool Rangers (Vic Mignoga's Fan Club).

Its called Cranes for Japan

The Cranes for Japan project has its own fund set up with Idaho State University. Money can be donated online (the link is provided below), or sent through regular mail.The Cranes for Japan project will also have its own website coming soon (it still isn't up yet).

the group in charge is with the Idaho State University Japanese Club for this. The leader of the Japanese Club, Sachiko Fukuoka, is native Japanese and has the mailing information to send the funds (and the thousand cranes) straight to the mayors of Miyagi and Fukushima, two of the areas in Japan that were hit the hardest by the tsunami.

How can you help? (this part, minus the capital letters *that was all me!* is literally straight out of the email I received!)

YOU CAN SPONSER A CRANE! There is no minimum amount required to be able to sponsor a crane. I understand that a lot of us are running low on money already. The Cranes for Japan project is more than happy to accept donations even as small as $1. You are still welcome to have your name on a crane and be a part of this effort. Every little bit matters!

Once you donate, send me an email (alyssa.art@gmail.com, put Cranes for Japan in Subject) and let me know so I can put your name on a crane. There is no need to tell me how much you donated. No matter how large or how small the amount was, I still appreciate your contribution just as much!

Another way you can help is by folding cranes. (again straight out of the email!)
Please understand that we need our cranes to be consistent. If each person makes a crane of a slightly different size and shape, we won't be able to connect them all together to make a chain. So, only fold and send in cranes if you plan to do a large number of them.
Cranes should be made from origami squares that are around 10-15 cm (about 5 inches). Any measurement close to that size will work fine, as long as all the cranes you make are consistent.Feel free to use bright colors! All colors are accepted, but use plain white sparingly and avoid black.

The third main way you can help with the Cranes for Japan project is to spread the word. Tell people in your communities, schools, and clubs. Everyone is welcome to participate!

IF you want to fold cranes and send them in! Please contact me, TheTimeQueenAndromeda, for the address! I will gladly give it to you! You can also email Alyssa for details, though I just gave them all to you =) Alyssa's email is alyssa.art@gmail.com!

I hope you, the wonderful people you are, will help. I am working on folding 300 cranes, my friends on campus will be helping me with this task, and sending them in!

Thousand Origami Cranes is a group of one thousand origami paper cranes held together by strings. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.

In layman's terms, folding paper cranes is believed to spread good health and wellness.
In a time like this, those who can't do much to help financially or physically can fold cranes as a gesture that the people in Japan are in their thoughts.

My father used to fold cranes and make mobiles to give as presents. My mother had a friend who was very sick and in the hospital, so he made her a crane mobile. She actually got better and had a very fast recovery after receiving the mobile, even though doctors said that her recovery was going to be slow, if she even recovered at all.
I know it was coincidence, but a part of me believes that they might have helped.

I found a site that's donating 100% of profits to help japan and the shirt they're selling made me think of this thread cause it has cranes on it.

I don't think I will get them all done in time...so maybe I will need to send my own 1000 crane package
Anyone who wants to include their cranes with my 1000 can as well. Quote me or PM me and we can discuss the details more.
Subscribed to this thread : D Love it!

Kikoname Natsuko
Announcement: I just wanted to let you guys know that I've gotten my school involved with this as well! And an article about it is going to be posted in the newspaper! I'm super excited, because an organization has agreed to donate $2 for every crane made - and I think there's going to be a lot of cranes! You all inspired me to take this to my school and newspaper - so thank you! heart

keenie montowine
Helllo!! They call me keena. I checked this out because i am also making paper cranes for Japan. I am in a class called tv production and I'm filming the cranes that I'm making. Also the ones that are helping me. I'm making 1000 of them on behalf of the 1000 paper crane legend. I'm glad that me and you have the same ideals and my wish for the 1000 cranes would be. "For not only Japan but everywhere, and everyone who is effected by a natural disaster get through this, and have help with their homes,poverty,and anything else that presents a critical meaning to everyone around the world."

White List (these people are in charge when I'm not here): (If you think you should be on this list, just PM me! <3)
~Silly Little Sushi
~Vyce Kuro
~itty bitty north kitty
~Lily Waterleaf

Black List: (I won't put anyone on here unless I absolutely have to)
My step grandparents were/are in Japan! We are doing all the fundraising we can including Paper cranes for Japan!
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Thank you everyone!! heart
The cranes you have made are being posted on the first page :]

It's so great to hear about how much your communities are doing! biggrin
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Luv the Idea!!!<3
my lil sis made these a while back but made
more when she heard about japan.
some are not cranes but it's still origami
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I am making 1000 of these. I'm at 354 (yes I counted) and thank you for posting this so that I actually know where to send them ^.^
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I love making cranes! I'll start right away and upload some pictures later. :3
. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .
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