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I hope you guys don't mind me post this here but I found a site for loungefly it has a Hello kitty Japan relief Canvas tote.$6.50 from the sale of this tote will be donated to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan.
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My university's Asian Language Department is planning something like this. smile
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Helllo!! Theyb call me keena. I checked this out because i am also making paper cranes for Japan. I am in a class calledd tv production and im filming the cranes that im making. Also the ones that are helping me. Im making 1000 of them on behalf of the 1000 paper crane legend. Im glad that me and you have the same ideals and my wish for the 1000 cranes would be. "For not only Japan but everywhere, and everyone who is effected by a naturaul disaster get through this, and have help with their homes,poverty,and anything else that presents a critical meaning to everyone around the world.;"
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Hey Keena! That's really cool!! biggrin
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i want 2 help
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thanks for caring im japanes
ninja 4laugh
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my school is making 1,000 paper cranes to donate to japan
i hope that they recover soon biggrin
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Starting one now... never made one before, hope I can do it.

edit: okay, this is really, really hard, and I can't figure out past step five. but my thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese, nonetheless.
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great idea! +1
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Kikoname Natsuko

I made one for you.

Fail Crane.
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I've already made 20 biggrin

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