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I pray for those in Japan who have lost their families and friends. I pray for those injured by the earthquake and the tsunami. I pray for the entire country of Japan, hoping it will not crumble into the ocean, forcing people to flee their homeland. I pray for other country's that might have earthquakes and tsunamis like that.
I don't pray for Japan because I'm worried about anime.
I pray because people are dying, suffering, crying, and feel hopeless.
I don't pray for Japan because I love sushi, or because I love their traditions.
I pray because the people there are losing the ones they love,

Don't be heartless. Don't pretend they're fine, and everyone is overreacting.

The 8.9 earthquake is ruining lives of people. Of human beings. We're just as human as they. Pray for Japan, out of any kindness in your heart and soul. Pray.