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Hopefully this looks okay in my sig. smile

Honestly though, if people really want to be asses about Pearl Harbor, they need to look at a few facts:

1) It was a strategic move. We admitted it, it was. In Japan's shoes we probably would've carried out the exact same thing.

2) In the end we unleashed the most devestating weapon devised by man (basically, don't get smart about the early low-yeild atom bombs and the higher-yeild, more recent hydrogen bombs), and not once, but twice on them. The loss of life was exponentially higher than what we suffered at Pearl Harbor, as was the destruction. And also note that we're the only one's who've ever deployed a nuclear strike and followed through, and Japan is the only country to ever recieve an actual nuclear attack.

3) Unless your grandpa was killed, or maybe (and this is probably a far stretch) your immediate family was killed at Pearl Harbor, why do you care so much? Yes, it was a devastating suprise attack. Yes, it was a slap to the face. Yes, it was a bit of a back-stab. But what can anyone do about it? It's happened, get over it. No amount of spite or hatred is going to change that. Feelings like those are what promote conflict.

And don't "bleeding-heart democrat" me. I'm Republican, and pro-military. This isn't a party thing.

I fully agree with this, but I would like to add a couple points.

1. Yes, it was a strategic move. They wanted to hit us first and hard in an attempt to cripple and keep us out of the war.

2. Not only the bombs. I would also like to point out the carpet bombing that took place. Those bombs destroyed more property and life than the atomic bombs did. Also, the other fights along the way.

3. Guess what. It was a war. People die. It sucks, but it happens. Just be glad they didn't go ahead with their Okinawa plans. 100% death rate estimated for both sides there.
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Pray For Japan! (: heart
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If you make one that says something like, "I think rationally for Japan", I will put it on smile

No offence, but "I pray" alienates a lot of people. I'm an atheist. I have nothing at which to pray. And I know that you didn't do it intentionally, because I'm very sure that you're a good person from what I've seen 3nodding

"I hug Japan" would also be a good secular alternative, but it would only work for people who live close enough to hug Japan or someone from Japan, which I myself don't sad
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Rosalind Hawk
I'm glad you don't stop for revenge. It's pretty hard to exact revenge against a freaking earthquake...

I believe she's referring to the people who believe Japan had it coming for Pearl Harbour and other similar events.

There's people who think that they don't deserve help because of what happened all those years ago, and as such prefer to take it as a revenge rather than lift a finger to help them pick up the pieces and save lives.

Standing by and just watching evil/disasters just happen without offering help is considered worse then revenge or being the wrong doer.
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Yeah! I mean who wouldn't give respect to a country in need?Those dummies!
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Very lovely I'll use it.
Shi Chidea
That is cool, but what does America have to do with anything?

Its all the mean comments, tho.
http://media.photobucket.com/image/americans assholes of the world/Kraiden/1300160676871.jpg

Those people are utterly ridiculous. So the next time a Katrina or a 9/11-style event happens, the rest of the world can scream "Revenge for Vietnam!" ? I'm more than willing to bet that these die-hard 'Americans,' who probably weren't even alive to experience Pearl Harbor, wouldn't want that.

Anyway, excellent thread here. I'll definitely nab one and spread the word.
I like this, but that photo just made me want to scream at those people and shout, "what about about that atomic bomb that screwed up Japan already!? they already got payback! and I hate it when you make me think about what you people did to Japan that was a lot worse than what they did to you!" grrr...I was flipping every single one of those people with horrible comments off. >3>
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I really like this signature that you have made thank you for making this and saying that you support Japan I definitely made this apart of my sig. 3nodding
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i'll attach it to my siggy :3
nice heart
I don't get it. What's the Pearl harbor thingy have to do with the insane catastrophe that happened in Japan? I mean, the Pearl Harbor thingy happened barely 60 years ago, and I admit that it's also Japan's fault because it happened, but we should forget about it already. Look what happened in Japan now. It happened almost five weeks ago, and I bet that more people were killed than the Pearl Harbor situation. In the present, did we even hear something just like "Japan and America having war on each other."? I don't even remember hearing a news like that. So the people have no right to bad mouth Japan, it will just make the situation worst. First of all, look at the size of Japan compared to the size of America.

and i want to slap the hell out of all those Prejudice people T^T

Thank you so much for making this thread I shall add one to my signature ^^

JAPAN FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!! ~Even Korea is helping Japan~ YG Entertainment favorable of JinuSean, Big Bang, 2ne1, etc. They have donated around 400k to Japan from the disaster. Hence the whole FIGHTING above ^^
I prayed for Japan, and I also donated the money through international student club. heart
japannnn <333
heart I pray for em too xP stupid quakes Dx

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