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How did you feel when you heard about the Japan Earthquake?

Devastated? 0.98275862068966 98.3% [ 57 ]
Happy? 0.017241379310345 1.7% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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I was more than devastated.
I was horrified.
I saw the damage and the
terrified people.
It was horrible, simply horrible.

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Shocked. It was around 4:30 or 5 in the morning when I heard. I had just gone online to print out a paper that was due and I saw a little news blurb in the side of one of my pages saying something about a quake in Japan. I was nervous and googled it to see what had happened then sat there terrified as I watched burning houses and the like rushing over the land in a giant wave. Sadness and shock and frustrated because it feels like I can't do enough to help.
"Oh.. well that sucks"
My heart dropped into my stomach and I got this horrible anxious buring feeling in my middle.
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"this gives us disadvantages" I said to my self, Animes will be slowed down on the process.
Lives lost. and Animes will be slowed down on the process. but this is merely a challenge learn it, love it, believe it. good luck to all.
Who voted happy -.-||

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I felt like it was me to blame, for previously I called Japan weird for all the Tamagotchi/PSP/DS weirdness.
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Total, complete devastation.

I am not even of Japanese blood in anyway. No family or friends that are... no family or friends that live there... nothing.
But I was devastated and heart-broken none the less.
Watching those videos on the news of the waves washing away everything, I had this foreboding feeling that there were people in all those buildings, etc...


My heart still hurts - literally.

Dido, only I never watch news though. I didn't need to, as I have seen what all that does!
It makes my heart sick that I can't do more to help all those who are cry & hurting!

I HAVE NOT STOPPED CRYING!!! crying crying crying crying crying ...
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It was so sad!!! I have family there!!!! crying
It was a really strange feeling when the earthquake/tsunami hit because I was hosting an exchange student from Japan when it happened. Me and Ai didn't even know about it until we got to school and my friends were asking me if she was okay or worried about her family back at home. Good news, though, since she lives farther inland in the mountains, her prefecture wasn't struck too hard by the earthquake, and not at all by the tsunami. She went back home a week later and told me in an email that the only bad thing in her area is the rolling blackouts. I can't even fathom how she or the rest of Japan feels right now, though. It's just a little unbelievable.
At first, I didn't feel anything really, just shock or "Say what now?" This progressed to worry for some friends of mine there, and sending out messages checking on them.
ive got no relatives there, just a friend whose stationed in tokyo. sucks that it happened. the devastation that the quake caused was insane, and i feel bad for all the people who lost loved ones and,lost their homes. i cant imagine going through that.
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I was totally shocked and afraid at the same times... I know Japan often gets hit by earthquakes but it to be so disastrous... yes, I was terrified. I really wish I could help somehow.

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