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How did you feel when you heard about the Japan Earthquake?

Devastated? 0.98275862068966 98.3% [ 57 ]
Happy? 0.017241379310345 1.7% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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How did you feel when you first heard about this disaster?I felt so sorry for them,and I wish we could do something for them!If only we could wish that there were no earthquakes in this world,wouldn't that just bring happiness to the world besides other things that could happen?Man-kind usually just destroys instead of making new things....
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the first thing that came to my mindo when i knew it its that.. OMG! EICHIIRO ODA LIVES IN JAPAN, ONE PIECE IS GONNA DIE D:.. but then i think that it whould never happend.. x3 ... but seriusly i really feel sorry about then because I`m fron chile and I know about earthquakes T T
I seriously felt horrible when this happened. It is horrible that people have been killed and weren't notified. I just wonder what things we can do to help this and give help.
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when i heard about the dissaster in japon i felt sad for the poeple that lost their homes and those who lost loved one in japon. it was sad to hear people say that they dont know about their love ones.
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I heard there was a quake in Tokyo, but didn't think much of it initially. It was something we could feel here in Kyoto, but I missed it because I was in a truck, riding around town picking up supplies for my house. One of the staff at a stone shop mentioned it to me and my friend. It wasn't until I got to a recycle shop and saw these crazy fires coming off of one of the plants and got my first glimpse of the tsunami and earthquake damage that I really understood how serious it was.

It was hard to turn away. I'm an American who lives in Japan ... I know someone who lives up in Tokyo. Seeing all of that, and answering messages from friends and family who were worried about me kept me busy for a while. I'm glad I managed to post a message online assuring my family I was alright *before* my parents woke up.
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Total, complete devastation.

I am not even of Japanese blood in anyway. No family or friends that are... no family or friends that live there... nothing.
But I was devastated and heart-broken none the less.
Watching those videos on the news of the waves washing away everything, I had this foreboding feeling that there were people in all those buildings, etc...


My heart still hurts - literally.
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I was playing World of Warcraft, and then when someone said that Japan got hit by a major earthquake, and I was like "O.O! Holy ********!" the guy said "Yeah!" and then I had to close my window and begun researching and stuff and to my absolute horror that the cities were completely decimated, I had to even turn on to the crappy a** CNN and was glued the whole entire day watching it. Then later got sick of it, because CNN's ability to compare themselves in that situation telling themselves "Oh, we're soooooo better than Japan" when it came to Nuclear Power Plants, I was like "For the love of... Shut the ******** up with you guys trying to make yourselves look better than the rest of the countries" and changed the channel to BBC and exactly the same time, watched NHK.

And yes folks, that's exactly how I heard about it.
I honestly didn't think too much of it when I first heard about it. I was upset, but not so much so that I could function or anything.
It wasn't until a few days ago that I started feeling like I should be doing SOMETHING to help. I heard about children that were orphaned by the tsunami and I just couldn't help but feel incredibly selfish and awful at that point.

Nothing I am going through could possibly compare.
I honestly feel like I'm not doing enough. I can't even word how absolutely awful I feel about this.
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When it happened I was in Panic, A close friend lives in Japan, and I didn't hear from him til a week after the incident. I was so relieved.
But I wish I could help, but my Family didn't really wish to help because of the ways they would charge us.. A bit selfish but I couldn't say anything to change their minds.
I was devastated of course! I have to open my Skype, YM and social sites where I can contact my friends who are from Japan. I was glad most of them are from the southern part of the island, right now, I worry about the Mangakas who were affected by the quake emo [/i
I felt sad and sorry. I have donated to try to help and am also worried since my friend in the Airforce is now stationed there to help.
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Its so sad to hear that they are so many people died . So if u dont want to experiance that disaster plz help our nature and dont abuse it .It seems like u abuse the nature it can also abuse the one who make all of this for us no one its god ......
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I had cried when I had heard about it. I have been praying about it all the time and am hoping that Japan will be okay. I don't have any relations there, nor blood relations but my heart hurt none the less. cry I've dedicated my profile to Japan. 3nodding
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I'm watching a Nova thing about it now, and it is really hard to watch it all.

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