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That the bunny and the eggs actually have a purpose in Easter. If anyone knows the truth about Easter.(the first to get it right gets 2k. GO!
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Actually, could you just tell me in a PM?
Im really curious
Dei Tyr
Actually, could you just tell me in a PM?
Im really curious

oh? o.O
No one really??? You people make me sad... I thought at least some Gaians would know... what sad souls you are.
1. I think this is the wrong forum.
2. I know it has something to do with the pagan holidays. Same with the chicks and the bunnies. If my crazy religious sister is to be believed, it was a fertility rites thing, and people would have sex during the rites, and then next fertility rites, any people who had gotten pregnant and had baby girls had the baby girls slain and their eggs dyed with blood.

Though she also says the bible says man lived with dinosaurs so that is probably ridiculously incorrect.

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