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BUMP X10^1000000

And this goes not only for Japan, but for everyone who shares our world with us.
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yah its true that theres a reason for a bad incidents, so god bless japan!!!! and yah its true that the world is coming to an end because the old antique scrolls found by scientist there were date's found like 12/12/12 and they were so shocked about it!!! and me i believe it and FYI they have a reason that birinu will hit the earth and it will start in march then continue to december 12 2012 omg and FYI buddha its not true its just an idol!!!

BUmp heart

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ive adopted a neko!!
likes: fluffy things, toys, ball of yarn, food
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My heart and thought are for the ones that are left behind knowing they have to go forward with no home, no family and friends.
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私たちはあなたの日本!!! heart heart heart
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bump god bless u japan
Im advertising this on different threads to get the word out.
Im creating a video and in this video im trying to get 1000 pictures of origami cranes, becuase of the legend that if you get 1000 cranes made a wish will come true. This is also a sign of hope. So please help me in creating this and doing something, even if it is small, in a effort to help japan.

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<3 Bump <3
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It's going to get worse before it gets better! But all my hopes and prayers go to Japan. I have faith that they can pull through this!
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Help Japan and the world!
because that's all i can do right now ): ....
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I wish I could do more than bump... crying

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