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Aekea Bloodsucker

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Level 3
4 out of 40 exp/formulas til next level

I have spare gold and time that I'm willing to use to provide Free Alchemy Services.
All I ask is that you provide the components and formula. I will cover the cost to craft, free of charge.

Currently, I can only craft level 1-3 Formulas, but the more I level up, the more I can craft.
If the Formula is cheap, I will buy it if asked. I will not provide ingredients.
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iBalthier - LV3 Banshee's Silver Comb - 4exp
xHeavens_RejectedChildx - LV1 Perfect Tragedy - 0exp

Order Form

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Formula + Level: Valefor Academy - LV1
Components: 10 Evergreen Bound Brooms
Cost to Craft: 2,500g