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Mine is like 8.89 or something. ._.
do u really want us 2 lose 2 that durem-junk? i made another account, and it boosted us up like .01 point! thats still great!!! plus, with those scores of urs?!? wow...
Mine is like 8.89 or something. ._.
better than mine wink
i encourage everyone whos average is 8.5 or better 2 create another account and get good scores! it will help us out a lot! i did it!
Once upon a time there was a message..

I thought about something, is any of you guys playing Gaia with some friends? If so, then train them to be (almost) as good as you (Maybe even better!)! Of course, if they don't play Gambino, say that their scores is so higher than yours and that you can't help'em razz . But well, i already helped 2 o' my friends to go from around 6 to 9 ^^ So i guess i did a bit of a difference here..

See ya l8r gai(an)s!
..And that message lived happily everafter
come awn, ppl! we NEED 2 step up and take our rightful place on that stage! GAMBINO FORTHE GOLD!!!! *chants proudly* LETS GO GAMBINO, LETS GO!!! WOOOOT!!!! WOOT!!!!!! GAMBINO WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!
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And even if I made another one, it wouldn't help.
Like if I was the person that's gonna make the difference xD

oh, plz. even if it sounds corny, its true. even the smallest creature can make a huge difference! besides, we dont have a lot of ppl to help boost up scores. we need every point we can get!

Yes, but it takes some time.
I'm not a highscoring machine razz
I think my overall score is 9.12 or something like that. User Image
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Mine is 9.73
great scores! now if only everyone in gambino submitted those kinds of scores...
9.43 overall score redface
really good scores!
OH, NO!!!!!! WERE BEHIND DUREM BY .03 POINTS!!!!!!!! AND BEHIND BARTON BY .04!!!!!! we need 2 catch up!!!!!!!!!
MY SCORE IS 8.92 =[
come on, ppl! we got us a game 2 win!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! rofl wink biggrin

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