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day 1: 9.86
day 2: 9.91
day 3: 9.70
day 4: 9.75
day 5: 9.93
day 6: 9.81
day 7: 9.71

now if only everyone in gambino had those kinds of scores!
come on, ppl! show some spirit! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!
i just got 5 10s in a row for set 2! we need more scores like that!
Durem normally wins because of it's sheer size ((then again, more then 50% of that size is sore-loser n00bs as last year proved))

and the games aren't all that difficult :/ - a monkey could do them.

I'm content with 3rd. It's better then the humliating 4th place last year.
well, we can always do better! i know, a lot of my friends r on durem, 2. but if we just send in good scores and keep trying, maybe we can get at least in 2nd!
i g2g, but my friend dontouchmehere will keep this thread running and will keep me posted of any negativity towards the games. just keep trying to beat ur scores and we will definately win!!!
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Mine is 10.0
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I'm actally happy that we are in 3rd.

And I'm happy Durem is not winning.

But hey I would be a bit happyer if we took the prize too
My game average for today is 9.21, which bumped my average up to 8.83 overall
I agree with you Captain_Kitty

Though really, wouldn't it be nice to kick the sore loser no0b a**?

Like a good majority of my friends :3
overall Score, almost 9.00. Its 8.91 :3
my overall score is up to 9.68, the games where you hafta hit two keys rapidly are killing me for some reason. gonk I can't get any higher.
This is good guys, I believe we are on o.oo2 away from Barton :3
My average is 9.05

As long as we don't come in last, and Durem doesn't come in first, I'm happy! x3

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