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tablet? whats that?
8.58 baby. Going to get it up too >3

All my friends are in Durem. I'm gonna kick their a**~!

same here! we're gonna show them whos the real champs!

Oh yeah, we will we will rock them :3

My best day, was day 4. With 9.42. Besides Day 1 and 2 nothing I have is less then 9.00
stiil great scores! im gonna go play some more games, but u guys keep this thread up and running! this thread (http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/isle-de-gambino-gym/gambino-s-guide-to-not-losing-a-rant-and-game-info/t.42045137/) really helps to up ur scores. check it out!
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my average is 9.42... come on people!!! WE NEED TO WIN THIS THING!!! GAMBINO! GAMBINO!!! 4laugh
LETS GO PPL! if u have friends on gambino, bring them 2 this thread 2 post their scores! and then try 2 improve them!
Will do --hunts for Gambino friends--
what is ur worst high score of any set? if it's lower than 8.00, redo it and try 2 get higher! this thread (http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/isle-de-gambino-gym/gambino-s-guide-to-not-losing-a-rant-and-game-info/t.42045137/) will help win good scores! copy and paste the url in the url box. idk how 2 make a link.
Blue Baby I already looked there, and I still epically fail at days one games. No questions ask.
make sure u use a calculator and average out ur scores at the end of a set before clicking finish. if its lower than 8.00, DONT FINISH. we want scores that will bump us up into 1st! WOOOOOOT!!!!!
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Sorry, I meant 2 places sweatdrop
But that's okay, we will win smile
Blue Baby I already looked there, and I still epically fail at days one games. No questions ask.

thats fine. i do, 2. if u have a score of less than 8 in any other sets, then replay that one again! no problem! wink
wait, r we in second?!?
day 1: 9.86
day 2: 9.91
day 3: 9.70
day 4: 9.75
day 5: 9.93
day 6: 9.81
day 7: 9.71
nevermind...we r still in 3rd...but all that can change!

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