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I'm giving away Red Bino to support Gambino.
I mean, you need to drink something after excercising, right?
The first poster on each page will get one.
Free drinks!
BUT, no moaning.
If you moan, like, I really want to try it! And you DO get the first post, then no red bino for you.
Though, you CAN try again on the next page.
This rule is effective 5 PM PST.
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DRINKS! <333

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Go Gambino!

You probably think I'm crazy.
I doubt anyone will come.
Ahh well, I'll just drink all this myself.
Also, it's good if you're stuck as an alien.

hiya mrgreen
User ImageUser Image

Go Gambino!

Whoa, people!
Hi there!
((OMG, PEOPLE CAME! =O That's the first time! =OOO))

Hey every one ^-^ How are you guys?
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:0 Hullo~!

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hi! im good thank u
what about u?
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Go Gambino!

I'm fine.
How about you?

Whats everyone up to?
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Go Gambino!

Hello there!
((I can't believe it! The people are still here! OMG! This is... AMAZING!))

Spiffy Hearts!

I like you're posting style!
Go Isle De Gambino!

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i hate the zurg drink stare its an ugly alien >.<

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