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[Nothing is good or bad...]

Sorry about that, Sing. xp Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake... been a while since I ran one of these things. Normally I'd just attend someone else's, but I didn't see any beach parties! Not one. It was kind of a shame, because I wanted to have fun, so I started my own. xp Though, just because it was my idea doesn't make me the most qualified bartender...

[...but thinking makes it so.]
*hick* whasht pokin me? *hick* ish it a crab?
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Ribbit....I know!! Grunnies vs Froggys race! that would be so fun whee
I remember I turned myself into a frog once. sweatdrop It wasn't very fun for me. I wonder if they have archery? I like archery. whee Then again, I might hurt someone.
[Nothing is good or bad...]

Yeah, Night, I'm sure you'd do well in that kind of event. However, you'd have to keep a sharp eye on those grunnies, because you don't know what kind of trickery they'll pull until it's too late...

-fixes himself a soda-

Sometimes I turn into a bat, or the Herme's Moon turns me into a mochi ricecake... so I know what it's like to be a smaller creature.

[...but thinking makes it so.]
*smiles at Chris*

Well I'm glad. Cause chillaxin is what we are best at! blaugh
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_________________________________THE GAMES ARE AT HAND
»G● G● Gαмʙiiи● [i n f o r m a t i o n]«

Oh it's okay -waves hand-
This is truthfully my first time attending one of these!

-sits on blanket in the sand-

I'll be heading to bed in about 40 minutes~
Gotta keep my body well-rested for the games after all~

But in the mean time..
Who thinks we're going to do even better tomorrow?! 4laugh

iSUPPORT g a m b i n o

_________________________________GO GO GAMBINO!
*waits for gambino manga and drinks mountain dew*
Gambino for the win! 4laugh I made up a cheer!

Goooooooo Gambino!
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin the games!
Gooooooooooo Gambino!
I like cake!

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I'll better turn myself back to a human then, it's not easy being small really...

((especially some people in towns are eager to try frogs legs sweatdrop ))
I feel like my hands are about to fall off. I'm ready for some relaxation. heart
[Nothing is good or bad...]

Of course, Broken.. if nothing else, the islanders here sure know how to party! domokun That's one of the things I love about this place...

-sips his soda-

Yep, gotta rest up for tomorrow's events, Sing... but you're right, surely tomorrow will bring us a change of fortune. I'm hoping that they unveil the identity of our allies, so we know who else is on our side... I've been wondering about that all day.

[...but thinking makes it so.]
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*sits down on beach side*

*watches the clouds*

Now this is the life. I can't wait until tomorrows games though! >___< We'll have to kick their butts!
*collapses* User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
hmm how bout a strawberry daq??
virgin of coarse!!
heh heh still looks bad!
well im just glad the beach is so nice
glad its summer!! *smiles*
[Nothing is good or bad...]

It doesn't hurt as much, Sam, but I've been having trouble removing the javalin without making the wound worse... sweatdrop Anyways, enough of that. What did you want to drink?

Oh, and a frog competing in the oOympics would be awesome. xd I'm all for letting other races compete... it would actually make it more fun to watch.

[...but thinking makes it so.]

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