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C'mon Girls! Some of y'all may remember this thread from last year's water balloon fight.
We're back with a vengeance, we want to win this year!
Gambino is number one remember that!
We created a guild from last year's thread and hopefully some of our fellow Gambinoans will join us this year, so c'mon girls(and guys)!

Island Girls Aren't Easy Guild
Original Thread from last year

Just so everyone knows, the guild is a bit outdated right now and with our one-year anniversary we'll be revamping the guild with new banners, a new name, a new intro, and everything so come and be part of the newness!
C'mon! Show a lil love for your fellow islanders!
may i join the guild please?
Of course!
Would you like me to send you a guild invite or would you like to fill out a form yourself?
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scream heart
heart i started writing out a request but didn't know what to say! so i'll retry to write it out! and thank you! heart
Oh that's alright! Just say Ami invited you, I'm a crew member so I'll be accepting or rejecting requests anyways.
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Lol, I remember this thread x)

Go Gambino! Hey check out my forum! Gambino Team Sleepover! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO GAMBINO!!!!
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i'll like to join but i have no idea on what to write.. sweatdrop
I just sent a form in, I think, to the guild!
Darn straight we aren't easy. Although, considering I'm Christian and have a boyfriend. But I love being a Gambino girl! Because they're so much nicer and bubbley. :]
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Lol, I remember this thread x)

SAME! when we'd all flont it at other players, and spam, and I'd shout "We da Island Girls! WE DA GAMBINAZ!!!!"
i've sent a request!

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