Welcome to Gaia! ::

You are wonderful <33333
Thank you!!!!

So i have two more if you wanna make an even 5k...hehehe
But really, Sweetie its up to you <3
Im just trying to keep you busy!!

Like...wanna try the one of me and Miya and the piggy back ride?
Kinda like this.....i wouldnt mind if you left Miya shirtless....hahaha
User Image
I might as well go for 5k! <3 you're so kind, gosh.

Haha, I'll draw that, then >:3
YOU are the generous one, Doll <33333
You are making me art and making me smile ^o^
Ive had a pretty long week and so you are helping to cheer me up <3

User Image
Here's your Art!

Harder pose than I expected... but it was a nice challenge! <3
That one if my second favorite <3333333
Its wonderful ^o^

Hmmmm.........For the last one....hehe
Lemme think.....for a bit...hehe
I wanna plow through photobucket to look for some poses ^o^
I like the fact that i am challenging you and you are meeting the challenge with flying colors!
PLUS its good practice for you <33333
Yes, it is! <3 It's half the reason I made this thread in the first place, to practice. x3

Ohhh, I wonder what it'll be! eek
I keep finding non-pg13 ones...haha
But i wont ask for one like that rofl
Sorry...I am having problems finding one that i like...hahaha
..being a bit more picky about the last one <333
I want it to be really lovey dovey...heh
User Image
Ok how about this pose.......and Kia in this (no need for the fan or book <3333) User Image
When its done ill send you the last 3k ^o^
Also...You dont have to draw the mouths like that.......
I just couldnt find one with mouths that DIDNT look like that...heh
Got it! biggrin
I cant wait to see how this one turns out!!!
Miya is going to be so happy when he gets online and sees all our new couple art!!!!!
Thank you soooo much <33333

I was trying to find a good couple pose of kissing...but i couldnt.... cry
They tended to be more of the rated R to X pictures with kissing...or were from the back..heh

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