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Info for Day 5!


Eat hearts (any level): To get a 10 click the hearts as soon as they are full size and click all of them. lvl 1: 20 hearts; lvl 2: 40 hearts

Eat No Hearts: Read the title! Just don't click anything. Take your hand off the mouse so you don't click on anything by accident.

Slash: Click and drag through all of the balloons/hearts in 10 seconds to get a 10

Connect, Avoid Virii: You are a little ball of energy that changes colors and you have to connect to a bigger blue ball of energy in 2 seconds or less to get a 10. Go around the purple things that are following you around. Don't touch them!

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: DON'T CATCH THE CATS! Avoid them. Don't just stay in one spot though, you have to pay attention and dodge the flying cats.

Enter the Code: You have to do it in about 8.5 seconds or less to get 10 points. You use the arrow keys and the letters A and B.

Catch the Cats lvl 1 & 2: Lvl 1: Catch at least 12 cats to get a ten. Lvl 2: Catch at least 24 cats to get a ten. You can catch them in mid - flight as well as rgiht before they land. Just touch them with your bag and they start to drop. This makes it easier to catch them.

Pick up the Bottle caps: Under 7 seconds and you have yourself 10 points. Just click each bottle cap once to pick it up. Don't wait for them to stop moving.

Pick up the Pieces: Pick up the shapes in less than 5 seconds to get a 10.

Clean Up: Click all of the dust bunnies once to clean them. Don't wait for it to stop moving.

Find: Find the thing you are looking for in less than 3 seconds to get a 10.

Prizes: Knocked Out Teeth & Doves
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Video tips from the top player at the games!

Read how to score techniques/faq/demos/etc

both of these have GREAT info that can help alot of ppl so PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!
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Day 6 games:

Chop Watermelon with Spacebar: wait for the bar to fill up on the side of the screen before you press the space bar. Try and hit it when the bar gets to the top. There have been some glitches with the game though, so you may have to click out of the window and start over if it's not working.

Slash: same as the other days, try and make long slashes so you can hit more than one leaf at a time. Even if it says 'only slash 5 leaves," slash all of them.

Match the Note: click on the notes that correspond with the one at the top. Filled in notes are filled in notes, regardless of whether the stem is pointing down or up.

Hope these help!
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Day 6 Games (continued from above)

Connect the Dots: like it says, connect the dots. Click as soon as you see the first number come up, it goes faster.

Click in Order Lv. 1/2: The numbers are bigger than past days, so be careful. Make sure there are no smaller numbers before you start going.

Prizes: Sunburn and Adoring Fans
thanks for your help heart
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Day 7 games are a mix of all of the other day's games. The prizes are a Full Body Cast and The Rejected Olympics Torch. smile


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