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Where do you think we'll end up? Be honest.

4th 0.087900723888314 8.8% [ 85 ]
3rd 0.48293691830403 48.3% [ 467 ]
2nd 0.28748707342296 28.7% [ 278 ]
1st 0.14167528438469 14.2% [ 137 ]
Total Votes:[ 967 ]
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The Drive Off the Cliff game, 3 seconds or less.
African_Painted_Chocobo's avatar

Moonlight Pyromaniac

I guess we could make a chart for how long gets what. =D First let's collect them and then I'll make a chart =D

That sounds like a good idea. I'd help if my scores were better..

Well now that you ask it doesn't seem to want to give me that game. x.x

Why does it always seem like the last bubble is under Liam's armpit??
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Sparkly Gekko

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I will try my best. |D;
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Invisible Fatcat

I like the tips, they help a lot especially with people who have a difficult time with certain minigames =3
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Psshhh. We only have 11 thousand when there are 90 thousand some odd participants.
African_Painted_Chocobo's avatar

Moonlight Pyromaniac

Psshhh. We only have 11 thousand when there are 90 thousand some odd participants.

I only see 72k, but that still makes us way out numbered. I'm hoping that looks in our favor..

Less than 4 seconds for the Click In Order balloons.
Psshhh. We only have 11 thousand when there are 90 thousand some odd participants.

That was a while ago; don't know how it is Last I checked Durem has 30K now D=
Doctor Reanimator
At first I thought you were suggesting a raid, but I see now that you are not. emo

I'm only here for the inevitable flame wars, because we all know they're coming whether we like it or not.

I hope not. The summer event last year really sucked because of all the flame wars sad

Here's a tip for the ride off the cliff game. When the counter is counting down to begin, click the right arrow when 1 comes up. It gets you going faster.
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Invisible Fatcat

Yeah, Durem has about 33k...as for Aekea I'll check that out XD
Exotic Kitty's avatar

Invisible Fatcat

Aekea has about 15k..and Barton I have no idea..

Gah, stupid vacuum games!
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Okay, I'm terrible at these games. I don't understand the scoring systems and I keep getting really low scores in everything, so I can't send them.
Try moving them all to a corner then sucking I read it at the top collection topic=O

I haven't played in a while; I suck my average is 6.5 which rounds to 7; kinda ironic how I;m telling people to submit anything suckish XD

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