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Yeah, I decided to hand out some art. Just lil' (headshot) Doodles for people that either

1. I like
2. His/her Avatar "wows" me
3. Tip me mrgreen

Everyone that enters, and posts in my thread, is, and will, be drawn so far.
Given it are not a million people, beggers or rude/chatspeaking people.

Example of Doodle!:
User Image

You can choose wether or not you want your username on the pic. Or a slogan of some sort (keep it short!)
Also, just post once that you want art! I'll be checking.

It'll be like that sweatdrop . I'll check back tommorow (if the thread didn't die yet Dx) to see if there are some people who want some of my art~ I'll try to do as much doodles as I can. But I'll be picky blaugh . Bribing me will help you but is absolutly not needed. Beggers will receive nothing straight away. I'll be posting all the art here!

Now who wants some art?

List of people (Click if striked for art):
1. Jinxed Cheesecake
2. prettybaaby-
3. baaaby!
4. XoXo Naomi
5. Lil Cute Stranger
6. EtsukoNeko
7. x-Tora-x10
8. tye_474
9. prettypaws2000
10. xonguyenxo
11. B A D T Z - E R I I C A
12. Diggi3
13. RedTomatoes

More may come~

Whoo Tips biggrin :
1. Chibi sailor iris
She bribed with 3.5k! heart Thank you!
2. Chibi sailor iris's OC
Bribed with 2.1k and a Jacked Cape 2k6! heart Thank you~
3. Valentine
She gave me a Devil Imp Plushie eek Thank you so much~!! heart

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Hi! I wouldn't be surprised if my avie doesn't call out to you by name, but how are you?
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Anyone else even here? o wo
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♥ G a m b i n o ♥

○ ○ ○

• • •
yOuTaLk iT
[ You're jEaLoUs ]

ninja Gambino! ninja

Maybe me? n_________n
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Me? biggrin
hiya peoples biggrin
how are you ??

If I sport the pigtails, fling some pom-poms, and do the cheerleader flip/split, do I get art? >__>
Hallo :3
How's everyone doing?
*knock knock*
anyone in here?
silent as a tomb
oh well..
go gambino!

I'll come back tomorrow

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