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Hi, i'm Akimei, and I'd like to be a cheerleader.

Ready, OKAY!

*sez in her best airhead imitation*

Gambino? Fasho!
We're the team to beat, you know!
We've got spirit, we've got class!
None of you can handle my sass!
Barton, You're the losers!
Aekea same with you!
All them kids in Durem,
can't even pass grade two!

So how can they all beat us?
They just don't give a care.
We just walk up and fight 'em
Then drag them back by their hair!

*cartwheels, then falls*

Oh, now the room is spinning...
hun, good cheer; i think though tthat the games are almost over, we don't need the cheerleaders anymore. T^T good try, though. ^^

but don't listen to me. XD talk to the cheer captain. ^^; i'm just a cheerleader who has no position at all. XD
haylow fellow cheerleaders ^^ has everyone been having some fun these games? i think we are doing well, better than last time. keep up the good work!
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Well we got third. Thats better than fourth, ^_^

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