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Alfons Vienna
I don't mean to be melishious but where is the starter of this conversation. Can't he or she tell us what on earth is going on with the problems and can it be fixed and when it will be fixed by.

He hasn't shown up since November. That doesn't bode well for getting a response any time soon...
I have beat the first island and now whenever I load up the game and click on an island, the game crashes. This also happens when I look at my team and the monsters pictures are green and whenever I click something it crashes. Help?
A fix will be coming in around a week or so. Please be patient.
I am extremely frustrated with this game considering that i cannot go to the next island without the game completely crashing. I have an Android X2 but a friend of mine had a Blackberry Storm 2 and plays the game without any problems...WHAT GIVES?!??!?!?
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Hi, I was hoping you could possibly look into this? c:
It's my understanding that this bug has affected quite a few people...

I open the app and it shows this.
User Image

Note the blank team spots. And when you click the team...
User Image
Whenever you try to add the Moga to your team, though, the app crashes. :c

I use an iPod Touch 2G version 4.2.1. I hope this bug can be resolved quickly!
I'm a huge fan of the art and music. = w= ~
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So.. I read things stating and have found no way to do it, that I can transfer my Gaia cash to Moga cash. How is this possible? I don't have money to spend on Moga cash but would like some..
Problem I noticed on my Nexus S
I started out with the corgito moga(the free one.. dog with leaf wings xD)

Played through the game normally, caught everything up to gemini island and got to 9/10 moga's 27/27 stars and 8/8 quests on the island.

I deduced that the 10th moga would be corgita but couldn't quite prove it till I got all 137 moga's

Now I completed the game, I have all 137 Moga's yet Gemini's progress bar still shows I should be able to get a Moga there.

Another bug I found is that the screen where you can compose your team shows 136 moga's... in other words I can't see my last captured lvl 50 Moga Drakos.
this game would be awesome but it keeps crashing on my Droid X2 my bro has it on his Droid X and it dosnt crash ERG I HAVE HAD problem after problem with this game online and on the market place ERG i love this game but i hate how many problems im having ERG
Every time that I try to remove a moga from my team the app will crash. I have gone through and even fully closed out the app and relaunched it.

iPhone 4s
ios 6
Monster Galaxy v 3.01

If there is any other data you need to help find the bug let me know and I'll try to get it.

Edit: it seems that it will let me only remove a moga from the team if I hit the rest button. This means that I have to launch a battle and let the moga take a hit first.
Please help me!! I just purchase Edgehog at starting page but I get the free Corgito! What's happening here? I alreagy get the confirmation email from Google Play!! ZZZZzzzzz
Please help me!! I just purchase Edgehog at starting page but I get the free Corgito! What's happening here? I alreagy get the confirmation email from Google Play!! ZZZZzzzzz

Got a near same problem tried to contact customer support and was denied a response till I tried to contact my bank to refute charges. I was told that a refund of Moga cash was able to be claimed from with in the game. Still not able to get that refund and its been over a month now without a reply from any customer service rep.
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New world, new story, new quest, and new Mogas? Man, I want to play it, but I have no app. sweatdrop

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