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I really enjoy playing this game but it seems like Gaia is just trying to get as much money as possible out of me. I'm fine with games adding payment options that make the game easier (such as being able to buy legendary mogas instead of taming them), but they at least shouldn't sacrifice the main storyline. I went through every island getting 3 stars (first tries mostly because it's pretty easy), and trying to capture all the special mogas for being the island master. Now that I'm about halfway through the game, catching all those rare mogas has dwindled my starseed stash. Since you need a certain amount of mogas in order to advance to the next island, I probably won't be able to advance much farther past maybe 1 or 2 more islands before I get stuck. I watch all the video clips and get my free bonus every day, but I still am going to run out. IMO everyone should be able to at least beat the game without having to buy $10 worth of starseeds and moga cash.
Its obvious they are in need to make money out of every little opportunity. Dont sweat it. Invest your time and money some place else would be my opinion to you.
I managed to get to the last island without spending any money. I currently have 119 out of 137 mogas. I've caught all epic and legendary mogas except for the two legendaries on the last island. You can always farm starseeds from the first island if you are desperate. Also, make sure you are 5 levels higher than the enemy when trying to catch it. This seems to increase the catch rate.
Hmmm I suppose I could head back to the first island. I'm on island 11 right now with ~67 mogas but i've been out of starseeds for most of the island.
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yeah agreed.
but you can farm starseed right?

starseed its really easy to get here...
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Huh. This is my second time playing the game and I never had a problem with lack of star seeds. Try farming them from islands by leveling up all your collected Moga until they're maxed out. :shrug: Worked for me.... Good luck.
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All I need to catch is Horus, and I've only ever had to watch videos for Starseeds twice, once because I ran out at Drakos, and once at Edgehog. Never payed for any either.

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