Please help! What is the trick to getting all the mogas on the Scorpio island? I beat all the quests for that island and went through it several times but I am still 9 out of 10 mogas captured. According to another website that lists all the mogas for each area, I am missing buffant at grand lillypad, but every time I do that session, blanch comes up. Is there a trick to finding buffant? Am I looking for the wrong moga or in the wrong place? What am I missing? I have tried going one at a time through the island, going through all the islands to get to that one and skipping around the island or the other islands to get to grand lillypad but still get Blanch.

Thanx for ur help, I am getting frustrated for I have almost caught everyone. I am trying to catch all the non quest related mogas before I beat the last island.