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This is a private onexone roleplay between xxshatteredsymphonyxx and That Damned Hippy
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xxshatteredsymphonyxx's characters

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arrogant :: self absorbed :: sporty
James Ericson
A hero

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sweet :: romantic :: push over
elizabeth june hart
A side kick

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athletic :: awkward :: eccentric
Charlotte Loveday
A side kick
That Damned Hippy's characters

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light hearted :: charming :: conceited
Holden Steine
A Hero

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down-to-earth :: passionate :: short tempered
Rio Mitchell
A side kick

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pushy :: hard working :: careless
Rosie Weisse
A Villain
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Liberator
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHealth: ██████████ 90%

                                                        School; A prison in which children and young adults inhabited for a great deal of their lives forcibly learning skills that they would find later in life to be quite useless. That was the definition James had given his first day of junior year of high school when they had been asked to define one word that would forever be with them. He had starkly said the comment because the word would "forever haunt him" as he put. Of course this lead to the teacher outraging on how he wanted proper definitions and James would bite back that he had asked for definitions in their own words. However, that time passed quickly, for now it was almost winter break, the day before to be precise, and everyone was excitedly awaiting the end of the day bell to ring, or in James's case, to sing "hallelujah, thank the lord" for that would be reflecting his feelings quite well. Alas, he would find himself cramped up in his last class, statistics waiting as time moved slowly. He looked about the room he was in; there wasn't anything interesting about it. It was just a normal class room with fellow students that were busily working on writing notes that would later be needed for the midterm (the poor bastards) or they were staring at the clock as James had been minutes ago.

                                                        The classroom however, was filling out quite slowly. For some odd reason the principle thought it would be a great idea to do winter clubs and sport photos on the day before break. It was probably to prevent a number of students from skipping early so that they could have a wonderfully extra day long break (a day didn't seem to matter much to James, his parents had already left him to go to New York City for their vacation, or as James thought of it, their seventeenth honeymoon. The brunet boy looked about the room at the odd assortment of kids. At the moment there were only four of them in the room plus a teacher who was snoring louder than James's ego (pretty close to impossible). All the other students had left for the boring "Spanish Speaking Club" announcement. Usually these rare moments would cause James to get the attention of his classmates and cause chaos. But the group that had been in the room at the moment didn't seem like one that would be much fun. There was of course, at the front of the class, the classic beautiful nerd girl, (who James thought would be most likely a prude, but secretly he found that attractive). About two tables over a blond boy sat down, he was about a year older than him (James made a mental note in his freshman year that this wasn't someone he would mess with, ever). Then a blond girl who seemed to be staring out the window, in her own little world (James had grown up next door to her, childhood friends if you will, though he didn't associate with her after elementary school due to obvious popularity indifferences. They would later find themselves at a standstill). Then there was him, the perfect, amazing, everybody loves me (but they really all hate me) type of guy.

                                                        The four seemed not to have too much in common with each other, little things like athletics for the boys and Charlotte, then the brains for the girls and Nathan, then the awkwardness for Charlotte and Nathan, and to finish off (in James mind anyway) Danielle and him covered the looks department perfectly well. Yes, surely, they would have something that could bring them together, even if the brunet male would fail to see any of it (except the looks) until his life depended on it. Which would happen in three, two, and one. A loud noise filled the speakers, signaling an immediate lockdown. The principle's voice was heard over the speaker, very raw and shaky as he said, "Lock your doors!" no formality in his frantic, then again before anything could be said the man over the speaker let out a blood curling scream which caused James to wince. What could cause a man to do such a thing? At the end of announcement, or rather dramatic screaming, a pair of pale hands clapped together casually. James whipped his head around to see the blond girl clapping; when their eyes met she stopped and shrugged. "You can't believe that was real can you?" she asked him as if it was the most natural thing to say. He didn't even have time to see the others expressions before screams began to fill the hallways around him. Whatever was happening was surely not what Charlotte had thought it was. In the madness of it all, the bald and pudgy teacher ran towards the door and stepped outside, the thing that he was always instructed not to do no matter what. Out of pure fear James jumped up and locked the door franticly. He didn't really care if this was fake or not, but as he finished locking it, he heard a strange ripping noise that could only be the decapitation of his teacher. It took all he had not to lose his lunch. "Help me out will you!" the blond girl hissed at him and he walked towards her and helped her push the teacher’s desk in front of the door and then moved quickly to the farthest corner, fear pounding in his heart though he did his best not to show it. He looked at the three others and wasn't really sure what to say so he said the only thing that came to his mind. "What do we do now?" The words seemed to imprint on his mind, what would they do? They were surely going to be next to whatever was going outside.

                                                        █ █ █ T I M E ↓ ↓ S K I P

                                                        That had been five years ago; when James had first found out his identity as a human being with supernatural abilities. He had thought about it a lot; the panic that he had felt, the horror when he had watched Nathan be murdered by a strange supernatural being, the nervousness of realizing he had strength of his own, and the bewilderment at seeing that one of his friends had also been with an ability. The day after the events that changed his life took place he and Charlotte had taken off to a new city; becoming superheroes as they had not found much else to do with themselves; Charlotte insisting that they needed to repay the debt they had owed to society; something he never understood. She had picked out there costumes and their names, they were just kids then, now he was twenty two and despite his immature actions, he had grown a lot. Though years had passed and things had changed, they had become professionals, but of two different sides. He had never assumed that the girl would end up changing sides, that she would leave him, but she did; she had went to be the sidekick of someone else, a villain.

                                                        That was two years ago, two years that he would never really be able to understand. He didn’t like to think too deep because things like this would come up, but he couldn’t help it. He was sitting on top of a rooftop, on the edge next to his new side kick. Her name was Rio and they hadn’t been together too long; he was still getting used to her actually. The city was silent; calm after the storm. They had just got finished dealing with a mutant psycho named Rapid who had gone postal at several hospitals. He had the ability to move at an incredible speed, making the killings fast and fighting him rather hard. His own strength, his abilities of super strength and speed not being enough to save the day. Now they were just relaxing at the top of the roof of his building. They had cleaned up and changed out of their uniforms; he had asked her over simply because he wanted to get to know her a little bit better, he had to trust her more; it had become obvious when he had been put in a situation of almost dying and his lack of faith in her didn’t help him at all.

                                                        (This is awful…sorry)

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Fearless Aviator
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHealth: ██████████ 90%

                                            Charlotte Loveday had never been average, minus her grades her looks and her artistic abilities. The girl had grown up with a rather queer life like most people, the only differences were that at a young age her parents accepted her attempts at dressing like a little boy until she hit about the age of thirteen and they decided that it might be time to let her taste a tad bit of reality; she was a girl. Her parents accepted her, it was not like she had a bad experience growing up, and the only really tragic thing that ever happened to her was her father dying. She relocated during her sophomore year of high school, with her she had taken a friend of hers who now went by the name of James. Things had turned for the worst and they had needed a new place to go; a new way to live. They had found at that they were superheroes in a way, an art. She had heard about the outbreak of super powered children; villains and heroes alike, and she had followed it religiously. She found it intriguing and often talked about how fun it would be, it was just like living in a video game.

                                            Little did she know that she would become part of the next big outbreak, one that would involve crazy super natural beings and evil villains just like the comic books she had read when she was a child. There had been four of them in her school with abilities; one had died, one had gone into shock and had been admitted to a mental institution; and then there was herself and James. James possessed super strength and incredible speed, he was a lot like superman except for the fact that he wasn’t a noble person in anyway shape or form. Charlotte had mild strength and flight. She was fully capable of being her own hero or villain, but she had chosen to want to be by someone’s side always. The phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest” never fit life so well in the girl’s mind. Charlotte was lucky compared to most, she had been a football and baseball star I her high school; she was athletic to say the least. On top of that she was also thinking about joining the air force; she had put herself through several training conditions. However due to her abilities she chose not to, but to instead find something better to do with her time; save people’s lives.

                                            That was how it had started out anyway; playing the good girl when in reality she couldn’t fight who she was. She was twenty one and playing for a different team. She believed in the country that America used to be; seeing what it had started to become as cruel, dark. The villains were beginning to seem more and more like heroes that then heroes were. It wasn’t there fault in Charlottes mind, they just didn’t understand that they were being played, being used by societies sick twisted ways. That was what she liked to think, she wanted more than anything to justify her actions. Time had changed things; but they hadn’t really changed her. She was still the quirky girl who was unneedly brave and optimistic going into situations; or at least she liked to think she was. She missed things; James and her being the dumbest superheroes in the history of super powers (Kick a** coming in a close second). But times were different. She now worked for a woman named Rosie, a villain who Charlotte was infatuated with, and mildly terrified of. She had never admitted it but there was a strange mix of respect and fear that intertwined in her feelings for the woman.

                                            She let out a small sigh as she had left her apartment; keeping a day job was a difficult thing to do while trying to maintain the evil world as well. It was about five o clock in the afternoon as she had started her jog; she would start from her end of the city and head towards Rosie’s, a good hour away by driving in traffic. The jog didn’t bug her too much; she would stop occasionally to chat idly with strangers, or to grab something to eat because running on an empty stomach was a bad idea, just odd things that she could do in order to keep her mind at bay. Charlotte was a girl who enjoyed the crazy things; she wasn’t quite sure why, but there was something exciting about being eccentric, at being different. This caused her to be a rather awkward creature; her words often got jumbled because there would be too much that would hold her attention at once and no real filter when things were busying her.

                                            As the girl finally reached her destination she was not even a little bit tired; the jog being a nice break from her flying. As she came up to the door she pulled out her water bottle from her back pack, taking a sip; dehydration being something she didn’t want to sub come to. She knocked on the door rapidly as she shifted her weight from the front of her feet to the back of them, trying to busy herself as she waited for the female. ”Rosie, open the damn door.” she shouted in a rather indifferent tone, she had meant to be playful but was trying too hard to not sound angry. She knew she could simply bust the door open, but that would cause issues and it frustrated her; she wished that she could be a villain and a person in one, not hiding herself, just like Charlie Sheen.

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