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Just take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Our world ended

A new one began.

After the great wars between the many kingdoms, the world fought back. The wilds of nature turned and perverted, protecting it's self from the ravages from the peoples. Beasts, once gentle became hostile. Plant life moved and whipped about, becoming carnivorous. We nearly died out. Man and Elf, Goblin and Orc, worked together to rise out of this environment, building large cities on mesas and on handmade bluffs. Together we rose out of the primordial jungles that stretched across our world. We carved ships able to fly great distances between skyports.

400 years have passed.

The jungles still howl from below, and ships still fly over head, folk too afraid to brave the forests. Food's hard to come by, as is an honest livin'. After years of bouncing from slaver ship to slaver ship, I found my way to the Nopea a small vessel. I proved my worth, earned my keep, kept my head down.

Well or that was the plan.


Take me out into the black
Tell 'em I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me
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Thieving Bibliophile

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Thieving Bibliophile

Crew Manifest

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The Nopea

Captain: Jaska
First Mate: Narcissa
Navigator: Sanji
Cannoneer: Randolph
Mechanic: Cixot
Crew: Talsia, Kiri
Cabin boy:

Sweet Heartless Riku
Name: Jaska
Picture: x
Age: 25
Race: Human (for now)
Rank/job: Captain (also a pirate)
Weapon(s): Gunblade, Demon Greatsword
Personality: Usually carefree with a calm demeanor, but when he's angered, he's very passive-aggressive. He'll blow someone out of the sky for (sometimes) small reasons, like if he was robbed, he's making damn sure he gets his stuff back AND burning the thief's transport to ashes, including the thief. He's conniving and creative when it comes to aerial combat, and has a somewhat sneaky side when situations call for stealth.
Short History: Comes from a longish lineage of airship captains. Jaska was raised on an airship, and he knows how to do basically everything, though he found more joy in amassing his haul and turning everything into some sort of "game," much like the pirates that he had heard tales of. As a youth, he purchased his own small ship, and fitted it to be nimble and comfortable for a few people. He's taken on being a "part-time pirate," meaning that he'll pillage and plunder only on days that he's grumpy or when he's low on funding. One thing he did steal is a larger airship, though he keeps that a secret and hidden away in a secluded corner of the world. He's traveled about 50% of the world in his little ship, by himself, and feels that having a crew would make the journies all that more fun.
Extras and Secrets:
• Every once in a while, Jaska will slip into a strange language, and feel sorry for whomever doesn't understand it. (No worries, it'll be Finnish, and I'll provide translations)
• He found the little dragon that happens to be his pet during a raid, and has decided to keep it for himself, wondering what she'll grow into.
• Stealing and hiding the larger airship is one secret… what other secrets does Jaska keep? Only time will tell.
• Only Jaska knows where he got the large, almost demonic, sword that he's sometimes seen walking around with, and it's even more rare to see him use it in combat, despite it being strapped to his back.
Theme song: Man Made God
Played by: Sweet Heartless Riku

Flawlessly Broken
Name: Narcissa
Appearance:( X )
Age: 13
Race: Human
Rank/job: First Mate
Personality: Charismatic, distant, secretive and tough
Short History: Despite her young age, her commanding and charismatic presence, and tough and distant exterior has led her to become First Mate. In addition the very fact that she does not have the mannerisms of a child, but of an adult aids her. However, her aura of power (which seems to not be at peak ability), and mysteriousness as well distance gives the feeling that she is hiding something. Is she really even human, what is her true age? And what is with that gleaming jewel she never takes off, and the blue markings on her arms..? (Her past is unknown)
Theme Song: Chasm
Played by: Flawlessly Broken

Trust Your Story
Name: Talsia
Apperance: [X]
Age: 23
Race: Goblinoid
Personality: A defensive young woman, very protective of what little space she has on the ship and has been known to be very volatile of people invading her privacy. She is defensive and often sharp of tongue and wit. Sharp as a tack, though illiterate, Talsia is dedicated to her tasks, she shows a competency with ships that would seem almost out of place.
Short History: Talsia likes to keep this to herself, but has whip marks down her back and rarely talks of home. What’s known of Goblins, is that they are a “wild race” known for being the last to leave the forests and jungles of the Underworld. The lucky ones that live in the Sky Cities are usually poor, and often turn to crime as a way to feed themselves, the less lucky ones are often gathered up as labor for shipping and food production. There are rumors and horror stories from survivors of great feral goblin cities deep in the hearts of the jungles, likely to cannibalize the unwary at any point.

Talsia was one of the less lucky gobs, born on the streets to a mother whom cast her and her siblings out young. running for part of her childhood in a Gob Kid gang, her life changed from bad to worse when she and her elder brother were press-ganged into the service of a ship. Passed from ship to ship, separated from her sibling, Talsia learned how to be mean, and keep her head down. She fights mean and dirty, known to take belaying pins to folk instead of knives, and is a mean hand with a rope.

She learned how vicious she could truly be when one voyage went south quickly. Her new master, an Orcish type known for his brutality, took them on a journey to scavenge the hull of a sky wrecked ship, on the edge of the underworld. The Crew found... something... that led to the madness and death of many of the crew mates, Leaving Talsia and the Captain, the only two on the small raiding ship. The Captain, knowing Talsia knew where the treasure was being kept, came at her like he had the other crew, but she fought back with the furry she'd pent up for years. Striking him down she threw him in a life boat as a piteous mercy and sent his aloft on the aether, hopefully never to be seen again. She took with her the "treasure" a glowing spherical object and hid it in her belongs, taking a life boat to shore with her rough estimations of navigation.

Near starved to death she made it to port, taking up a position as a barmaid, when she meets the Captain of the Nopea.
Theme song: Will the Circle be Unbroken?
Played by: Trust Your Story

Kiri sai
Name: Kiri Hikari (lit. A light in the mist)
Picture: How do I look?
Age: Appears to be in his early to mid twenties, may be much older.
Race: Possibly half-elf, refuses to confirm or deny this.
Rank/job: none at the moment.
Weapon(s): Kiri carries a rather unique arsenal of weapons, the most notable being two black knives that are connected by a long rope, allowing him to wield them as a mid-to-long range weapon or bring them in close for short range. He also keeps a ninjato with a weighted chain on the back of his waist, though he seems avoid using it whenever possible for some reason. He also seems to have a nearly countless number of throwing knives hidden on his person and the odd ornaments that hang off of his belt are various types of bombs, ranging from smoke, to flash bang, to lethal explosives.
Personality: Kiri is best described as being cool and in control, having a soft, knowing smile almost all the time. He seems to be relatively friendly and charming when he wants to be, but often seems to know more than he lets on or has some ulterior motive. Despite this, he is almost disturbingly brutal and... efficient when it comes to fighting, using no more force than necessary and no less. If he ever gets truly angry, no one that's alive has ever seen him in such a state.
Short History: The assumption that Kiri is a half-elf is technically true, though it's very subtle in how it shows up in his appearance, as he has more rounded ears instead of slightly pointed ones. What gives him away is actually his eyes, as such a shade of violet is not natural in humans. However, not much is really known about him, and a lot of what is known is based on his skills and appearance rather than any information he's actually stated. It's implied he may have once been some sort of assassin, judging by his dark attire and rather stealthy arsenal. He also seems older than he looks and seems to share the elves longevity because of this. There's also rumors about him having several past romantic relationships, though these are purely rumors and vary from person to person that tells them. Granted, the rumors tend to imply that he's desired by both women and men alike and he's shown no sign of favoring one gender over the other.
Extras and Secrets: - Kiri actually makes the bombs himself, requiring him to restock on their components now and then.
- The ninjato is actually an elven relic and only meant to be used in the most dire of situations. The full abilities of it are unknown, even to Kiri.
- His hairband was actually his mother's, implying he may wear it out of remembrance of her.
- Kiri may possibly hail from somewhere in Japan or asia, as his name is both japanese and elvish and he speaks both languages along with english. This also implies he may have been around 400 years ago before the airships and floating cities.
Theme song: Bad Apple- IA cover (main theme)
Red like roses - RWBY OST (battle theme)
Played by: Kiri sai

Name: Randolph "the Knucker" Heilgar (knucker is a venomous water dragon of old English myth)
Picture: Him with rossbow
His spear
Age: 60
Weapon(s): crossbow and occasionally uses a spear
Race: human (part tennin,)
Rank/job: cannoneer
Personality: slightly crazed, protective, vengeful
Short History: he's called knucker for a reason. This man is a venom spewing dragon in the way he can launch death and destruction physically and verbally. He has gone slightly mad after a certain vendetta went awry. His tennin part makes him skilled with instruments.
Theme song: Monument of non-existence (dancing mad metal remix)
Extra and secrets: he chooses to be bald because his hair got caught in his crossbow once and scarred his scalp. He refuses grow a beard for the same reason. He hides a large red mark on the top of his head with a hood and body dyes. He knows how to make poison arrows and explosive arrows.
Played by: kefkadragon

    Name: Cixot
    Age: 482
    Race: Wyrgmer. Volcanic Bronze Drake & Sun Elf Mix
    Rank/job: Mechanic
    Personality: A mix of mellow and psychotic would be the best description for Cixot. On any given day he can be the most helpful drake you have ever met all while taking about how he would cook and serve random bystanders. Yet when his mana is low he will become a large and lazy molten lizard that wants to bask someplace warm. Though on the opposite side of the coin if his mana is overloaded he will be full on BLOWYOSHITUP elf.
    Short History: Cixot, born before the exodus from the surface, during the time of war and construction. The wars drew apart the Wyrgmer, oft bound by loyalty to their kingdoms and not to their kin. Cixot's brood was no different. He found himself with the Sun Elves at the time of exodus, having used his shifting abilities to assist in the construction of the plateau (although the bulk of it was swimming in a vat of molten rock that would eventually be used in the construction and reinforcement of said plateau). He didn't mind as he has spent much of his youth in feral form due to a dysfunctional mana gland. At the completion of the exodus he was booted from the elven city for reasons best not disclosed where upon he spent a decade or three with gnomes. In their kindness and oddities, a crafted gem was given to him to regulate his mana and finally giving him control over his physical form.
    Up until the last century he has been a nomad, traveling from plateau to plateau any way he could. Recently however he settled in at a foundry spending his days working on parts and machines or simply being the heat source for the molten metal.
    Extras and Secrets:
    + The balance of form for his race is dependent on the nature of the two parts.
    - Cixot's specific set is fire and mana.
    - High mana results in a fully elven form.
    - Low mana results in a fully dragon form.
    - Usually keeps to a form between natures, mostly elven with clawed feet with earthen scales, sharp hands and teeth.
    + Like many drakes he has a weak spot for gems and jewels and will keep many on his person.
    - Also a tactic to keep his special gem a secret.
    Theme Song: Grace & Glory
    Played by: Clueit

sanji 惨事 disaster
127 years old looks like near 30
gijinka / absol
he is generally reserved and is the type of people you can find to himself without any sense even more so is the type of person who can understand your problem although you do not tell him
Short History:
How he was transformed from human to pokemon ... is a story that it does not want to count .. but it has to do directly with his scar
  Since he could talk to humans felt he could be of help because since he was a pokemon could predict when a disaster was to occur
  more people saw him as the cause of these events
he decided to help people judge although they travel around the world gaining knowledge and helping people and cities until I get to a boat where they saw him and his ability were of great help

usefull info
although he rarely fight he is a bone though to chew after all he is a pokemon .. in essense
he can uses attacks like fainth attack night slash dark pulse and hyper beam
especial skill: super luck
his speciality are ancient history, old maps and ancient languaje

song of him
Played by: ferchitocontri

Name: Fuse
My avatar
Age: 25
Race: Human
Rank/job: Crew
Weapons: Miniature bombs that he throws at enemies
Personality: Very proper, but at the same time has a tendency to stir up some chaos.
Short History: Fuse grew up in a very rich family. Not sharing the same interests as his brothers and sisters, Gabe preferred disorder rather than propriety. He had met a crew while he was testing out a flying grenade. It had hit the hull of the ship and the crew's captain, Hazmat, had captured him made him an indentured servant to create weaponry for his crew. During his servitude, he became well versed in the creation of weaponry, especially grenades. He became so proficient at handling bombs that he was able to create explosives that can change function depending on the situation that he throws at enemies. He eventually crafted his own bomb-proof coat that can carry an overwhelming amount of explosives which he wears all the time. He also developed a drinking habit while working in his crew. When he came back to see his family again, he had become very estranged to them. In dealing with his family's indifference, Gabe decided to leave class for chaos. He still retains his sleek, meticulous and aristocratic style and demeanor, but he always makes sure to disrupt the balance by donning a torn captain's hat from his servitude to show his devotion to the voyage.
Extras and Secrets: His explosives can change function depending on the situation.
Played by: gabegabegabegabe

Character Profiles:

Short History:
Theme Song: (Optional)
Played by:
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Thieving Bibliophile

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Thieving Bibliophile

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24,100 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Wing Mastery 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100

(Story update blurbs and ship logs from Captain Jaska)


Captain Jaska has done something shocking: He's attacking a cargo ship! The cargo vessel "Vast Le Ciel" and her dedicated captain, Fuse, have already begun to fight back against Jaska's seige. Though Jaska has a plan, he has ordered that none of Vast Le Ciel's crew be killed. Night has fallen as the battle for the Vast Le Ciel unfolds. Things are already crazy, and they're about to get worse.

Nopea ship's log, dated Day אא Month ט Year לבבא - Time unknown (*)

(In progress)

-End Log-

* - (Please note, I am aware that the symbols used to represent the date are actual letters, and I have spelled something that might make no sense. I am using them to represent numbers in the log, so please don't get on my case about it. Thank you.)א - 1 | כ - 2 | ג - 3 | ז - 4 | ח - 5 | ט - 6 | ש - 7 | ל - 8 | ס - 9 | ק - 0
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Godlike Cat

24,100 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Wing Mastery 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
Reserved in case
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Godlike Cat

24,100 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Wing Mastery 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
Reserved in case
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Godlike Cat

24,100 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Wing Mastery 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
    Jaska sat in the musty tavern for the second time that day, but it was a different crowd this time with the evening already drawing near. Different time meant different folk. He sipped on his flagon, taking bad mental notes of all the customers that he could see from his lonely booth. Some looked promising, others... not so much. A quick squeak from beside him reminded Jaska that Kii was with him this time too, and she was probably hungry. He smiled at her, and motioned for a busboy to hurry over. "I need some meat for my little friend. I'll be happy to pay the cost..." he said, only the slightest bit buzzed. The kid took off to the back, and a few minutes later returned with a plate of... something. Kii took a sniff, and mewed and began to eat the stuff. Jaska pulled out a few paper notes and the pocket change to pay for whatever Kii was eating. While his pet was filling her tummy, the young captain looked around the tavern once again, hoping to find someone... anyone at this point... that would seem remotely interested in joining him.

(( BEGIN! And now, please do try and use the OOC link, I will do my best to be in there as often as allowed, which will be my evenings definitely, but not so much during my daytime hours ))
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Normally the sour faced goblin served the tavern from the back, peeling potatoes and doing grunt tasks about. It had been only a few days since she'd landed in this port, weary and exhausted, near emaciated from her long solo sky drift. She'd kept her head down, found a position that a Gob like her could fill. This evening found her busing, taking tankered back to the bar for refilling by the keep, and in general trying to keep the place orderly.

Her eyes passed over the captain, and his.. pet. No stranger to the ways of ports, she was quite certain that there were all many of oddities out here. She frown slightly, trying to place it's species, eyes brows furrowing deep. She picked up a tray and headed over to collect the tankereds from the table of boisterous Navy sailors who'd come up on shore leave. Darting in between the drunk ment laughter she was met with success and only a few jeering sneers.


She passed by the creature and man. "Sir, Done with your drink?" She said gruffly to the man.
Narcissa was exhausted; she had just ran away from her current Airship where her position was a deckhand. She did not see fit to have such a position as she had over six year of experience total in such Airships; plus the captain was sexist, and treated her like dirt since she appeared to be a child. She also had to leave because she felt she had gotten to close to Nedra, a fellow deckhand. She could not, let anyone get that close to her, nor let anyone else discover her true form and self. I must atone for...she blocked the forming thought.

Since then she had been asked by a women in labor to find her husband; Drake who was at a local tavern. She quickly found it and entered. "Is there a man named Drake in here, whom has a pregnant wife, she is in labor." she commanded with force.

An average looking man who seemed to be in his twenties answered "I am he", but upon seeing who said that, his face morphed into one of anger, "Are you a trickster, do you lie, child!" he roared. Narcissa just stared at him maintaining her commanding presence. She brought his attention to a baby she had been holding all along. "Is this not your son; your wife let me hold him as proof of my honesty, you may bring him back to your house with you as you leave." This seemed to appease Drake; who grabbed his son and left to go to his wife in need.

Narcissa then sighed inwardly as he left and took a seat near a Man who appeared to be a captain and had some kind of pet; she took note of this, but otherwise reflected on her current situation.
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  • Wing Mastery 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100

      Jaska looked up from Kii's questionable meal and to the goblin girl that posed the question. Then he glanced at his near empty bottle of alcohol. He looked back up at the girl, and nodded. "Yeah. I'm done with this one. I don't need another, I've had all the drinks I'd like..." the captain said, gently setting the bottle on the tray, and leaned back in the seat. As if by some strange coincidence, a quick commotion drew his attention, and Jaska's hand whipped down to his gun holster. He watched as the short exclamation died down just as fast as it started, and he saw the girl take a seat and look in his direction. Removing his hand from his hip, he leaned back into his seat at the booth, and sighed softly.

      His attention was pulled away from the young girl when Kii had bumped his arm, signaling that she had finished her dinner. Jaska smiled warmly at his pet and rubbed her head with his hand, eliciting a mew from the little creature. 'I really hope that someone decides to talk to me, besides the staff here,' he thought, taking another slow look over the bustle of customers. Maybe he should talk to the girl that had, as he gathered, been the cause of the very short commotion... but what could someone such as a child do for him and his airship? He pondered this as Kii clambered into his arms and watched everyone too.

Narcissa pulled herself away from her thoughts and decided to pursue a new job for awhile to distract herself, and since the man appeared to be a captain she decided she would see if he knew of any jobs.

She examined the man and his pet for a bit then said with the full weight of her charisma, "This maybe a frank assumption, sir, but do you happen to be a captain, you seem the type. If you are, do you happen to know of any positions or jobs that are open?" She quickly glanced at the man's pet, trying to determine what manner of creature it was, then looked back at the man.

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