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Status:: No Longer Accepting - Private 1x1x1
Inspired By:: The Wolf Among Us / Fables.
Literacy Level:: Semi-Lit / Lit.
Thanks to:: XxHyperactiveXPenguinxX and Captain Smily.
Links out:: OOC / Profiles
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....that’s how most of the stories start. Fairytales filled with princes and princesses, toads and ogres, huntsmen and bad wolves. Stories designed to fill children’s minds with hopes and dreams of finding their happily ever after. Sadly life isn’t like that...and these are just stories...make believe...or are they?

The Fae realm (Fae), a place where fairytales are a reality. Known as the homelands to all who reside there, this is a place where the princes and princesses of those stories you were told as a child really live. The beings that live in this realm have been around for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. The stories you humans have come to love and know have been passed down through countless generations, but here in Fae your heroes and villains still go about their lives. Happily you ask? Well that’s a different kettle of fish.

Marriages may have broken down, old foes becoming friends and even villains reforming into the perfect citizen given the time. But below the mundane trivialises of everyday life grew a darker threat. The Forsaken. These beings rose quickly, a brute force ran by their master. These beings are not a part of any fairy tale, and over the last 100 years their forces have spread like the plague through the Fae Realm. The fables tried to fight back, but they were overwhelmed quickly, cut down and captured until all too quickly the war was lost and the fables turned to the only place they knew to be safe. The human realm.

The fables fled, their numbers few and far between. For most the cross did nothing, but for non-human fables the change was far more dramatic. Their usual animal or semi-human bodies changed into a fully human one. Wings, tails even snouts gone, disguised under the surface by an ancient spell. Of course these were only cloaking spells, enabling the creatures to live freely and change back to their...natural form as they so wished. Thus came the first and most important rule....never disclose your true self or origin to the humans. Our well known fairytale heroes and villains became refugees of a lost war, and settled down in various parts of the world, the larger of the settlements being in New York. Here the fables took a few blocks and made a mini community, dubbed Silverwood, a place where they could live and survive together away from the war.

Magic and potions have helped hide the fact the fables do not age, and since their retreat 100 years have passed and the Forsaken have waited long enough to finish the war once and for all. Filtering through into the human realm in small groups and settling down to hunt unsuspecting fables. Well that’s how it started....now it seems these beings have a taste for the human life and seek to run the humans out too.

With war looming once again, the fables have to make a tough decision. Leave the humans to die at the hands of the Forsaken or reveal their true selves and band together to not only save the human race but maybe even reclaim their homelands.

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The humans are well...human! They have no idea that the beings in their beloved fables are real and have their own lives. In regards to the Forsakens they are oblivious that these are from another realm, all you have heard on the news is an increase in crime...more murders, hit and runs. Aside from that you go about your daily life....well until you get drawn into the fight that is. Who knows maybe you’ll meet your very own Prince Charming or Princess?


These are the beings you tell stories about. The stories you tell happened years ago and since then they have continued with their lives. Some have moved on from their Happily ever after...divorced, remarried or remained as they are and maybe had children?

Their shift to the human realm was staggered, survivors filtering in slowly and settling down. Even now, new survivors find their way through. The mini community the fables have wrangled together is a head quarters of sort, also meaning that some fables have a normal human job in addition to their Fable job. Some help settle new arrivals, others help think of new ways to get back their old world and some might just keep an eye on the residents. After all, even if there is a rule about old grudges and crimes being forgotten...doesn’t mean it is adhered to or even followed. Fables are in a sense human...you get your odd thief or even murderer.

The fables do not age like humans; they lived based on their popularity. As a result of this Fables do not die easily...they can be wounded like any normal human but well known fables like your princesses and princes can take a heck of a beating before they die. They also heal faster than your average human.

Human fables were unchanged by the shift between realms; however curses and such may have remained. For instance, Rapunzels hair would grow quicker than a humans and sleeping beauty may fall asleep if she catches her finger on a needle.

You may be asking why they didn’t win the war with such abilities...the answer? Numbers! A force that is outnumbered cannot win even with abilities on their side. Maybe the addition of humans will help.


These guys? Well nobody really knows where they came from. Their forms vary from goblin looking beings, to the most horribly terrifying creatures you could imagine. Size, shape and type vary greatly, some using weapons and other using claws, teeth to tear apart any fable...or human they can get their hands on. They follow their master, a mysterious being shrouded behind a fake name and never seen.

Since entering the human realm, these creatures have had to hold back on their killing instinct. Patience is a quality they can afford now neither human or fable are aware of their growing numbers. Being granted human form when stepping through the gate lets them spy on the enemy, and plan their strikes carefully. Every fable has a weakness...even the strongest can be brought down if the time is right.

Their numbers are ever growing, and since the war was won, some of the more....sinister fables have been convinced to cross sides, giving the side their magic, skills and knowledge to the darker cause....
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The Fae Realm(AKA The Homelands)

This is where the fables used to live. A realm filled with countless lands, and owned by many princes and princesses....well at least that used to be the case.

Since the Forsaken took over there are only a few places that have yet to be conquered. Anyone who enters here alone would lucky to escape with their lives or freedom. The once beautiful lands and countries are being ruined by the Foresaken, fires and decaying bodies litter small villages and kingdoms.

There used to be a number of gates that allowed passage to the human realm, since the war these have all been shut down by the fables. The last gate that the fables knew about allows passage into the outskirts of New York. The gate is monitored 24/7...so the question remains...how do the Forsaken keep getting through?


This is the sub community for the fables. Occupying a few blocks of New York city, the flats, cafes and shops are nearly wholly run and occupied by fairy tale creatures. Spells protect the area and have even allowed for extensions to buildings that humans find themselves unable to question. This close knit community is the head quarters for new arrivals, sporting a business office where fables can turn to for any help they may need.

The business office is the main base of operations, a key centre for help and storage. Forbidden magical items, money and old books are stored here. The books contain Information on every fable and their last known status before everyone fled to New York. This is also the building where security resides, the ‘mayor’ and anyone else of a high importance to the smooth running of Silverwood. Essentially...if you have a problem this is the place to go....or hide!

Additional Information


- You are refugees as such. Therefore when you fled the homelands you had only what you could carry. Money and status mean nothing now in Silverwood. Some of you may have left with only the clothes on your backs. The odd one or two may have their riches intact but only through means of smuggling or extreme luck! Maybe you won on a scratch card?

- The business office may be a means of help, but just like you, it has no secure funds. Money comes from donations within Silverwood and as such most help cannot be granted. A poor system, but sadly this is all they have. Complain as much as you like...they won’t be able to give you money they don’t have.

- Non-human Fables – When you crossed into the human realm you were granted a full human form against your will. Do not fret, you have the ability to shift back at your leisure...but need I remind you of our most important rule here in Silverwood.

- The most important rule of Silverwood...Never reveal your true nature to a human. However, with the Forsaken closing in...This rule is being broken in quick succession for the greater good....maybe it shouldn’t even be a rule anymore.......
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It’s important to note these are just a few that can be selected. A starting point if you will! Take one of these and make them your own or suggest your own character from a different story.
Please note that the grouping below do not mean your partnerships have to remain...maybe Snow white divorced her Prince? Maybe your former hero has sided with the Forsaken to take out the fables in exchange for something more valuable...?

Oh! And don’t forget, these stories are yours to control....and who’s to say the humans take on your tale was 100% accurate?

Characters that have been taken from this list will be crossed out as such Example character In addition to this, should you want a character reserved let me know!

*Side characters (I.e The 7 dwarves/Ugly step sisters can also be included*)

Generic Characters - Those who appear in more than one fairy tale. They will be placed in italics and in grey where they appear in headed stories below.
The Big Bad Wolf - Taken By Gingerdoll
The Huntsman – Taken By Captain smily
Prince Charming - Available

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red – Taken By XxHyperactiveXPenguinxX
The Huntsman
The Big Bad Wolf

Sleeping Beauty
Princess Sleeping Beauty– Taken By Violette Rose
Prince Charming

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty/Belle – Taken By ducky2_2003
The Beast – Taken By Gingerdoll

Princess Rapunzel - Taken
Prince Charming

Snow White
Snow White – Taken By XxHyperactiveXPenguinxX
Prince Charming
The Huntsman

Princess Cinderella - Available
Prince Charming

The Little Mermaid
Princess Ariel- Available
Prince Eric – Available

Peter Pan
Peter Pan - Available
Tinkerbell - Taken By RoseRavenger

Alice in Wonderland
Alice - Available

Princess Thumbelina - Available

Wizard of Oz
Bufkin the Flying Monkey - Available

The Ugly Duckling
Ugly Duckling - Taken By Kristen_Jennings

Additional Story ideas you could draw characters from:
Jack and the Beanstalk
Goldilocks and the three bears
Hansel & Gretel
Little Boy Blue
The Wizard of Oz
The list goes on!
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Now that we've got most of the fun stuff out the way, I'm afraid I must bore you with...yup you guessed it. Rules! Don't groan or give me that look...I promise this won't take too long and these are for your own benefit as well as mine...so let's see that smile...much better ok let's begin!

I'm so alone!
Please don't just leave us hanging and waiting here alone for your post. If you are going to be absent please let us know and remove your character for a bit. How you ask? I don't know...send them on vacation, get them kidnapped by the CIA...heck have them fall down a drain! On the off chance that you want to quit the roleplay give me a shout and we can see about devising a way to slowly tortu- I mean help your character move on...

Always have an active lifestyle!:
Please please please post on a regular basis! I know you all have exciting, fun filled lives to get on with and I appreciate that. So because I'm such a good sport I will give you a generous 5 days of no posting before I give you a gently nudge to check if you're still with us. If I don't hear from you within 5 days of sending the PM I will be forced to remove your character from the RP to allow others to move on. However! If you were away for reasons that couldn't be helped, pm me...we'll talk.

Ahh Rules within Rules!
Yes, the lovely Gaia Terms of Service (TOS for those who love acronyms).This means as the clothes come off your posts get sucked into a time vortex! Just timeskip the sexy parts and carry on as normal. Just incase you missed it the first time...DO NOT post sexual content or Cyber in this thread, the TOS state that it is not acceptable anywhere on Gaia! I mean come on there are kids watching!

All hail the Queen!:
You are not incharge of this thread...I am. Simple enough to follow right? This means no powerplaying, autohitting or god-modding. I will smite you down and have you beheaded if you fail to comply with this simple rule. You have been warned peasant.

Oh how original...:
This should be easy peasy to follow. Unique characters are so much better that the typical Mary sue's. Think of making your character as a challenge...embrace it and succeed!

Gah! My hand!
Another easy peasy one for you. Before you go around ripping limbs off people and shooting them in the streets please check with the character owner first! Nothing worse than logging in to find you have been murdered or had a limb chopped off. Any killing of characters should be arranged with their owner....as for NPC's....go nuts I don't care about those guys!

Table for two please..
So you want to join do you?! Fantastic! Send all reservations and profiles to myself. Title the PM with "Once Upon a time..." to be a fable. Title it with "Oh I love a good story" to be a Human. Title it "I am Forsaken..." to be, yup you guess it, a Forsaken.

DIY? Sounds good!
I love a bit of decorating....so decorate your posts please. We all want to see how pretty your character is and know what their names are. If you can't format very well, just put a name and a picture if you can. Makes everyones lives easier! Oh and before you ask...I'm not fussed what style of picture you use...although real images are preferred.

To be..or not to be...literate
This is a semi-lit to Lit rp. So I would expect proper grammer and spelling where you can. I'm not going to spell check your work, but please do not write in L33T or text speak. I don't want to see **'s for actions. Use "" for speech and (()) {{}} or [[]] for ooc chat. As for length of the posts I'd say push for at LEAST a paragraph of 5 sentences. I know we all get the dreaded writers block at one point, but constant one liners and I will send you out of the class for a bit to write lines.We want the story to progress.
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For the PM titles please go and read the rules

[size=18][align=center][color=Colour1] [u][i][Insert full name here][/i][/u][/color][/align][/size]
[Imgleft] Insert img here. Real Or Anime [/imgleft]
[color=color2] [b]Nickname: [/b]['Chu got one?]
[b]I’m actually :[/b] [Actual age]
[b] But I only look:[/b] [Age you look]
[b]I’m a:[/b] [Fable / Human / Forsaken]
[b]My story? Why it’s...[/b] [Fables only – What story you are from]
[b]Hmm, powers...[/b] [Any powers? This mainly applies to those with magic, or the non-human fables]
[b]Oh I work as...[/b] [List your Job (Jobs if you have a fable and a human Job)]

[color=color2][b]Oh I adore..[/b] [List what your character Loves]
[b]Oh not that[/b] [ List what your character hates
[b]My Weakness (s):[/b] [List your weaknesses - Everyone has one at least...try for more though!][/color]

[color=Color1][b] Well my history goes like this... [/b][Insert Bio here...be creative!][b]
[color=color1]Personality:[/b] [ What is your character like?]
[color=color1][b]I’m a wizz at....: [/b][ Any special talents? Skills?] [/color]
[color=Color1] [b]Oh crumbs! Did I forget something?[b] [Add anything else here] [/color]

[color=Color1][u] Im Controlled by.... [/u][/color]
[color=Color2] [b]Username:[/b] [Username goes here] [/color]
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Here I will list who our glorious characters are and their respective owners!

The Good
These are your good hearted Fables, the ones wanting to fight against the Foresaken.

- The Big Bad Wolf - Bigby Wolf - Silverwood Security - Played By Gingerdoll
- Little Red Riding Hood - Ruby Nichols - Waitress in the Silverwood Cafe - Played By XxHyperactiveXPenguinxX
- Little Red Riding Hood - Hunter Woods - Antique Store Owner - Played By Captain Smily
- Snow White - Erin Kramer - Unemployed - Played By XxHyperactiveXPenguinxX
- Tinkerbell - Christine Belle - Bar Tender - Played By RoseRavenger
- Ugly Duckling - Ella White - Dishwasher - Played By Kristen_Jenings
- Beauty/Belle - Isabella Abbott - Librarian - Played By ducky2_2003
- Beast - Adam Richman - Fencing Instructor - Played By Gingerdoll

The Bad
These are your Foresaken, the ones hellbent on destroying Humans and Fables.

- None as of yet....as played by the Invisible Man

The Ugly
These...well these are your average humans...who really don't have a clue what is going on and are about to be dragged feet first into this war.

- Aspiring musician - Joelle Tink Sesink - Played By Captain Smily
- Antiques Book Store Owner (Name:Cracked Spine) - Kathleen Harvey - Played By Yorkshire Rose
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I will put news here....at the moment the thread is accepting profiles!
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Located: The Cafe || Company: the customers || Thoughts: Good lord! This pie is amazing!

                                                        "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf. Who's afraid of the...." The song sang on as Ruby took her time in the shower. The song was the alarm that her clock played every single morning. It was an ironic thing, something that Ruby that was rather amusing. In this world, she found, there were stories of her life and of those who lived in Silverwood. She knew that hers wasn't one hundred percent accurate. Her story was a little bit more sinister than was told by the author. But it wasn't something that she was really going to discuss with the others around her. Especially if the Wolf was around. There was no way he had been able to get out of the homelands, was there? Well she certainly hadn't seen him around town. But then again, who would want to see a giant black wolf wandering around the streets of a large state such as New York? Exactly, no one. As Ruby washed out her hair she thought about everything that had happened in her past. She'd been around for a long time, but she still wasn't sure that even if he had survived and was here in human form that he would accept her. She didn't really do anything bad. HELL! Red gave him a free meal. The only reason for him to be upset would be the way that the Huntsman treated him.

                                                        Oops, yeah, that would certainly be a reason to be upset with another person. Lead them into a trap then, something completely coincidental such as having a hunter come in to save the girl would probably look bad on her part. Her shoulders shrugged as she thought about it and she stepped out of the shower after turning off the water. There wasn't really anything to be upset with her for. It was all just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it was her, the wolf, or the huntsman she didn't really feel like thinking that far into it. But the deed was done and there wasn't anything she could do about it. That was so long ago anyways, if he had made it out of the Fae Realm then he had to have forgotten by this time. Right? Wrong. There was something strange about one of the guys in the community. The more she thought about it the more this man could have passed for a humanized Wolf. Her wet locks flew from side to side as she shook her head to get away from the thought then dried it as quickly as she could and got dressed. If she was going to spend too much more time thinking on the subject then she was going to be late for her shift, and that wasn't a good thing.

                                                        As soon as Red finished dressing she threw on her crimson red cloak and headed out the door, locking it behind her. The little cafe she worked at was only right across the street from her housing situation, so even if she was late, she wouldn't be that late. Hopefully her boss would understand. She threw open the doors and strode in as if she owned the place. "Morning boss!" She called into the back and heard a slightly impatient voice ring out. "You're late!" "Am not!" Red protested as she swung her cloak onto the coat rack that sat next to the counter. "I'm actually right on time. And you can't tell me any different!" The bell rang at the front door, signaling someone entering and she laughed. "Ha! I told you I wasn't late!" "Shut it!" "At least I was here before the first customer." She said under her breath then turned to see that the customer had placed themselves at the counter. Show time. The smile that everyone knew was a staple of Ruby's spread its way across her face and she made her way to the customer.

                                                        "What can I get for you today?" And so the morning began. Day in and day out, it was the same thing. At least Ruby was a people person so she could do the most she could for the customers to make them happy. Of course, the little known fact about her that sometimes she couldn't keep her nose out of other people's business made her slightly less popular. Red tried her hardest to not be like that when she was working, but sometimes things just slipped out! It wasn't her fault that she didn't have a filter. Back in the Homelands you could say anything you wanted and no one really took offense by it. Unless it was due to that nasty old witch woman. She took everything to heart. Certainly didn't know how to take a joke either. Ruby scowled at the wall then realized that one of the customers was staring right at her and she quickly switched her expression to a friendly smile and went about filling the coffee mugs that were running dangerously low. As soon as she saw that everyone was content and beginning to dig into their breakfasts, if they had ordered one, she sat down to a piece of the best apple pie that she'd ever tasted. The little cafe across from her apartment had the best baked goods ever. I'm gonna have to snag this recipe one of these days. She thought to herself as she speared another bite of the pie with her fork.

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In the outer part of Silverwood a lone house stood, slightly away from the others but just close enough if you took a short walk. The house was small and had a faded blue color, the lawn displayed of colors. Roses, daises, buttercups, almost any common flower you can imagine was growing wild along the house's siding. A young woman looked through a window of this small house and showed a delicate smile to the world. No school today. She thought, then looked at the alarm clock that rudely woke her up ten minutes ago. Why couldn't you just let me sleep? She turned away from the ill mannered clock and slowly walked into the bathroom to brush her hair and apply a light layer of make up. The school teacher stretched and looked around her immaculate room for some clothes to wear for today. It almost scared her how clean her entire house was. She worked a job that required a lot of her time, yet she still could squeeze in enough of her free time to clean her house. A small sigh escaped her pink lips. I really need to loosen up.. The thought sent shivers down her spine. No way she could do that. If her house wasn't clean or perfect, on the inside she would go a bit crazy. The young woman shrugged out of her pajamas, slipped on her imitates and a white bow dress. She found a matching hat on a hook nearby and some sneakers that weren't incredibly filthy yet. After dressing herself she walked outside to the mailbox. She opened it and saw a single letter, in child's writing it said: I love you Miss. Ezra. Ezra smiled and closed the letter. Honestly, they shouldn't call me by my first name. The letter was placed inside her purse pocket and Ezra stretched yet again. She was tired and regretted waking up this early. Looking around her mood went down a bit more. No neighbors means no friends. She lived her for about three months and she still hasn't talked to any of the locals. It was odd, even the children's parents didn't want to talk to her. This made her usually happy and inviting atmosphere turn a bit gray and depressing. There's something really weird going on here.... Her thoughts
convinced her to visit the center of Silverwood, where most of the
residents lived. After a five minute walk Ezra became distracted by
some blue flowers. "Hello there. Aren't you beautiful?" She said to the
bluebells. As she crouched down she began to complain to the
bluebells about her time here and how she hasn't even met her neighbors
yet. The human went on talking to the flowers, looking a bit weird.

Where I am: Outside, On the path to the center of Silverwood
What I'm doing: Looking at nature
Who I'm with: Nobody
How I'm feeling: Inquisitive, Bored, Lonely
What I'm wearing:XXX
"Who's afraid of the Big bad wolf?

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Bigby slept soundly, head on his chest a deep snore rumbling from his chest as he remained seated in his armchair. Strong arms folded over his chest, a cup of coffee spilt on the floor by his feet, he had literally sat down for 5 minutes and crashed out where he sat, a long day wiping the wolf out. He hadn’t been sleeping particularly well these last few nights anyway, seemed all the fables were just losing their minds. Fights, murders, theft....it was like they were trying to draw attention to themselves. And whose job was it to sort them out? His...of course, and now he had the bruised knuckles to show for it.

His alarm clock beeped suddenly, shattering the darkness and startling the wolf with a snort. His eyes struggled to focus in the dim light before he grumbled and ran his large hands over his face and up into his hair. Stretching out, his shoulders and neck popped in protest before he grabbed a hold of the arms of the chair and hauled himself into a standing position, shuffling towards the alarm clock and slamming his hand down on it, the ringing stopping and letting him exhale in relief. His hand over his eyes, he took a few moments before opening his eyes properly. He lived quite literally in a box. Old cartons of Chinese on the table, blinds half broken let light through broken and bent slats. The apartment had a musty wet dog smell to it that Bigby had grown accustomed to. It wasn’t pleasant but it was home, and to a beast that preferred the outdoors he couldn’t care less. His arms stretched out in front of him as he yawned before letting them rise above his head and eventually fall back to his sides. What first...a brief inhale told him a shower was top of that list and with that he headed to the bathroom, stepping under the cold water and letting it wash over him, slowly warming up as the water rattled through the old pipes a spluttered out of the showerhead.

Lathered up, dried off and dressed the wolf ran a toothbrush over his teeth and briefly contemplated shaving, deciding his five o’clock shadow was preferable for him today. Tugging his shoes on he rolled up his shirt sleeves and ruffled his hair before heading for the door, stopping only as the strong scent of coffee hit his nostrils. His eyes narrowed, settling on the spilt cup. “God’s sake...” he snarled, keys jangling as he put them on the side and moved to tidy up a little. His brief chore complete he cracked a window slightly before stepping out, heading down the stairs and emerging on the streets of Silverwood.

A deep inhale of the fresh morning air made the werewolf crinkle his nose briefly, fishing in his pocket for his packet of cigarettes. The butt rested between his lips before he flicked at the lighter once, twice, three times, drawing deeply as the f** lit, the smoke choking his senses and letting the hairs on the back of his neck settle. “Much better” he mumbled exhaling smoke into the air before stepping down onto the sidewalk and heading off. Nothing better than a morning stroll after all.

His cigarette lasted a few blocks before he decided to head towards a somewhere that sold food. His stomach was growling and there was nothing crankier than a hungry wolf. He let his mind wander to thoughts of succulent bacon and plump sausages as he mindlessly walked, senses doing most of the work for him. Well until he bumped into a short haired woman. He stumbled slightly, large hands steadying her also before his mind caught up. His brows pulled together before he looked from her to the flowers. “Were you just....” he frowned in slight curiosity before her scent hit him. Ahh she was that human that had managed to wrangle a home in Silverwood. His hands released her arms “Sorry...wasn’t looking” he said roughly, scratching the back of his head. Apologies felt foreign on his tongue, she shouldn’t have been talking to flowers anyway. An awkward silence fell before the wolf cleared his throat. “Excuse me...” he stepped around her, shaking his head and walking away. Nothing but trouble humans...how she had a place in Silverwood was beyond him. Meant the residents had to be extra vigilant. He was so lost in his thoughts he hadn’t realised that in the collision he had dropped his cigarettes and lighter.

He shook himself from his thoughts back into consciousness as he arrived, hand pushing the door open, the bell tinkling as he entered, his gaze drifting up to it briefly. “Goood morning...can I help- oh it’s you Bigby” the cheerful tone dried up quicker than a flower in the desert as the male set eyes on the werewolf. “Morning Bakewell...just a table for me” Bigby spoke gruffly. The man, the muffin man to be precise, folded his arms. ”Well as long as you don’t cause any trouble mind...I don’t want you upsetting my customers...follow me” the plump man led the way, sadly not to Durey lane but to a darker table right at the back away from most people in the cafe. “So generous as always Bakewell...” Bigby said, sitting heavily in the chair and leaning back. He fished for a cigarette, and just placed it between his lips when a tutting noise made his eyes shift to the muffin man. “No smoking...can’t you read the signs...” the large man scolded, tapping his podgy finger against the worn sign. “Sorry...” Bigby raised his eyebrows as an awkward silence fell. Clearly he wasn’t getting a menu. “Just sausages and bacon for me if you please...oh and a cup of coffee....black...if you wouldn’t mind...” the muffin man was gone with a grumble leaving Bigby to shake his head.

So much for past crimes being forgotten. Leaning his head on his hand, his blunt nails picked at old graffiti that had been carved into the table, a growl rising in his throat as he noticed a profanity referring to himself. With a mild snarl his nails grew slightly allowing him to carve it out of existence, his focus shifting to massaging his slightly bruised knuckles as he waited for his order. Strands of brown hair fell lightly over his eyes as he waited for his food, stomach growling in protesst...of course they wouldn’t rush. They never did....


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"You should be...you wouldn't like me when I'm angry

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A small push awoke Ezra senses. She looked up to see a buff man that did not look very happy about her spacing out. Awkwardly holding he arms to keep her from falling Ezra blushed and looked down, quickly adjusting herself before he let go of her. "Umm uh.." For some reason she tried to explain why she was doing something so strange, but before she could get past her spurting the man left. He was kinda cute.. Her head tilted as she walked him leave. Looking down at the flower she noticed that he dropped his lighter and a pack of cigarettes. A way to meet him again! Ezra smiled to herself, happy that she could talk to an adult after all this time. Following him carefully she managed to keep her distance and tried her best to avoid being caught stalking him. She normally wouldn't do something like this but she was desperate for some adult conversation. Three months of talking to children really takes a toll on someone, also not having any friends. Ezra's eyes seemed to burn with determination as she saw the man walk into some sort of diner. Once he had sat down Ezra walked into the quaint eatery. A semi-friendly man welcomed her and asked where she wanted to sit. She smiled and shook her head no. The man seemed less friendly and grumbled some indistinct words. The corner of her left eye twitched at him mumbling. Talking s**t? She had a small shocked face, she rarely cursed. Deciding that it was from the irritation of not talking to an intelligent person she brushed the word off. Ezra looked over to the back of the diner and saw the man from earlier. It was odd that he was all alone, in the shadows with nobody to talk to. For some odd reason Ezra sympathized with him, perhaps because she too was alone. Ignoring the tense atmosphere of the building, she casually walked up to the man and placed his belongings on the table. "Hello, my name is Ezra Hyde. I think you dropped these when you bumped into me." She squirmed a bit and her face became red. "I'm sorry for spacing out on the path." Finally Ezra looked the man in the eyes and sat down in the seat across from him like she was invited. "I was wondering if you could be my first friend here?" The human asked a bit innocently.

Where I am: In a Silverwood diner/ cafe type thing
What I'm doing: Trying to make friends with a grumpy guy
Who I'm with: Bigby
How I'm feeling: Confused, Flustered, Stalker-like, Embarrassed.
What I'm wearing:XXX

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