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Sano bit his mouth. Here it comes.

"Ethaan?!" Kittys voice shook the pocketwatch. "Are you alright?! Wheres Dror? Is he ok too?! Whats going on-" Sano rolled his eyes and closed the pocket watch, but quickly reopened it.

"Kitty one thing at a time. First thing, and this is the most important one. Give me back my cane." Sano demanded with pursed lips.

"You'll never ever ever ever find it." Kitty sang devilishly. "Ethaan, If you're near Sano could you give him a swift smack on the head? He has not contacted me and Tilt since the alert of s**t going down! And for that matter-"

Sano closed the pocket watch again, counted a few seconds on the floor and then reopened it again. "Kitty, you're getting too excited again, everyone is fine, we're alive, and I want my cane back."
Celia laughed quietly. "I'm afraid that might be a little beyond me at the moment as well." She closed her eyes and leaned forward until she rested gently against Dror. "...Can we save the thinking for tomorrow?"
Ethaan gave Greenfinch and the wheelchair a very longsuffering stare, and sighed. "... Crutches will have to do for the stairs," he said, with a look that sent Greenfinch off again.

"I'd smack him, but I'm down a hand and a kneecap already and don't want to know what else I'd damage falling flat on my arse when he dodged me," said Ethaan, drily, staring dead at Sano the whole time. "Dror and Celia are all right. They're in the treehouse. Hailong got us all home in one piece, more or less. We are now persona non grata for an entire dimension. Oh, and Adi is currently adjusting to life as a Manx dragon." He grinned as he said it, a bit viciously.
"..And I would put him in a pretty pretty dress soon after." Sano glared right back at Ethaan, before the metal part of his cane knocked into his head twice from a quick summon-desummon.

Kitty's excitement to the news of Adi could not be missed. A cheer and a bit of shuffling before finally she spoke again. "Fantastic!!" she cried out merrily. "Oh that is so SO nice to hear. I wish I could have been there to seen it." she chuckled a little darkly.

"And-WAIT." Kitty's voice made Sano's turn to alarm. He knew exactly what was going to happen next. "SANO. When exactly were you going to tell me that Ethaan had been wounded? Or anything else for that matter?" Kitty asked deeply from the other side.

Sano smiled sheepishly. "..Later?"

There was a pause. "SANO. You will open a portal for me tomorrow morning or I will call up Shubasu-"

"I GET THE PICTURE." Sano yelped.
"I like this idea." Dror said tiredly, and pulled the blanket over the two of them. "Can you sleep like this?" he asked blankly.
Celia gave a weary smile and snuggled up next to him. She put her arms around him, pillowing his head and trying not to touch his scar.

"As long as you can," she murmured, already closing her eyes.
"And that would be that much more that you don't get to hide from her anymore," said Ethaan, sounding as smug as Mercutio reading the personals ads. "...Oh, I am going to enjoy this next bit, even if I can't knock sense into you my own self."
Dror nodded. "Although like this, I might not wake up."

And with that he let out a reptilian yawn and faded.
Sano clasped the pocketwatch shut, but not before the beginning sounds of a laugh were heard.

"Tch!" he huffed. "I don't know what you're talking about." he said bitterly.

"Well, since Ethaan clearly needs rest we should help put him in bed shouldn't we?" Sano looked to Greenfinch.
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Hygienic Genius

Greenfinch handed Ethaan a pair of crutches, and shook a bottle of pills just out of arm's reach.

"Get downstairs to your room and you can have these," it said. "I'll have a brace to keep your leg immobile by later tomorrow, so it'll be easier on you."
Ethaan took the crutches and limped away on them, moving like he'd done this before. Even with a gimp hand, he managed them easily enough.

"Good night, Sano," he said, briskly. "Pleasant dreams." His tone made it sound a lot less friendly than it ought to have.
Sano made a mixture of a terrified face and a grump face.

"..If I ever allowed him date Kitty, I'd never have any fun anymore." he mumbled, and scratched behind his neck.

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