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Celia kept her eyes down and stayed silent. She gave a respectful bow, keeping her hands clasped. Ethaan was quite comforting to have there; like a solid brick wall that could punch people. She was glad of him.
Sanos face wrinkled, and Kfir took his leave. Reluctantly.

"I see you're in the mood to play early this morning." Sano said sourly with a bow. "My Lady." he rose with a forced smile.

Adi giggled like a nightingale. "Oh come on Sano, dont be so somber. I am glad to see you." she said, her eyes catching Ethaan. Her ruby pupils made a snake-like examination, and her smile curled a little more.

"And my dear, dear brother.." she rose a hand gracefully. "So good to see you again. How is the back?"
Dror jumped, hurriedly bowed, and knelt down to kiss her hand. He was so nervous that his eyes were a little wider than usual. "Lady Adi." he adressed her formally.

The question of his back made the hairs on his neck stand on end. His heart got squeezed cold. "Doing well. Thank you for asking." he said in a whisper.

She smiled sweetly again. She turned to Celia this time, and masked a laugh with that flawless face of hers. "Miss Celia, Sir Ethaan, please sit." she returned her gaze to Ethaan one more time before gliding into a couch.
Ethaan nodded politely to Adi, and took a seat, crossing his legs nonchalantly, watching her the whole time. She was hard to take one's eyes off of, for what he felt was something akin to the same reason snakes are mesmerizing to watch move.
Celia cringed inwardly at that look, but kept her face in a pleasant, neutral smile and didn't respond. She had no intention of speaking until Adi gave her a reason to. She felt Adi was the kind of person who could turn almost any statement into ridicule or insults.
"Glad to see me in the sense that you really have nothing better to do with your time? My Lady?" he pressed on that smile of his. "Shall I get started?" he asked.

He hated, HATED, Adi. And his darkened blue eyes reflected that.

"You didn't need to wait on my part." she chuckled. "Although, I dont think you're going to get much work done today I'm afraid." she adjusted her legs slowly. "Oh, dont let me stop you from getting ready." she waved a hand in a "scoot scoot" motion at Sano.

Sano's smile cracked a little, but he began to summon the baskets. She had stopped him just as he was about to open the supply room portal. Annoying thing she was. He slapped his hands down and let out a sigh.
Dror sat down gingerly in a seat, and slowly reclined his back into the chair. He kept his eyes on the carpet, not daring to look at Adi.

"Dror," Adi smiled. "Will you do the introduction? I'd ask Sano, but clearly hes busy..although I wonder why his assistant isn't doing anything to help him." she said, resting a hand on her cheek.

"Oh," his voice uttered weakly. "This is Celia-"

"Not her," Adi laughed at last. "I've already met her. A pleasure to see you again, Celia." she bowed her head.

Drors mask-like face weakened into surprise. His head turned a little at Celia. But Dror quickly realized what he was doing, and forced his eyes back onto the carpet. He swallowed. "Then, that is Sir Ethaan, Knight of Castle Hailong."

Adi gazed full forced at Ethaan, and she bowed her head like a swan. "A pleasure to meet you. It is the first time I have met and seen an elf before." she said beautifully.
Ethaan nodded back, exactly as deeply as he needed to without being fantastically impolite.

"I've been getting that a lot lately," he said, dryly. "For the amount of people who haven't seen any elves here, I'm surprised you've even heard of us." ...Sure, she was pretty, but not pretty enough to escape getting the blunt side of his growing irritation at being talked about like an endangered species in his time here.
"Likewise, my lady." Celia nodded to Adi.

"It's all a matter of perspective," she told Ethaan. "You were the first elf I ever saw, after all. The island where I lived had a mostly human population, but that didn't stop us from knowing that there were more exotic things out there."
"Lady Adi-" Sano started, but he was quickly interrupted.

Adi's smile quirked at the elf. "Surprising? Of course. Although it is more surprising for me to find an elf outside of his normal territory too. Surprising is indeed the right word.." she breathed.

"I wonder about your friend Dror." she looked at her brother. "He uses the word "us", but I see only one elf. Is there more you're occupying on your island? Oh, does this Castle Hailong have more elves?" Adi smiled deliciously at Ethaan, her eyes thinning slightly.

Sanos nose curled. He knew what she was doing. And poking Ethaan's buttons was not what Sano had to try and clean up afterwards. "Waiting." Sano called her impatiently.

But she didn't seem to notice, or care.
"No, he does have a point." Adi said to Celia. "Clearly he is an elf. Is there a need other than politeness to say such an obvious statement? " she giggled. "You remind me too much of someone I know." Adi leaned back in the couch.

Slowly, Drors head lifted to her knees. He didnt like where this was going. "My Lady, S-"

"But it truly is wonderful to see you again Dror. Your health is always terrible when you visit here. Even right now! You cannot even lift your head to look at me." she chuckled. "Are you still that afraid of me?"

Drors eyes shot back to the carpet.
Ethaan's mouth curled into a smirk. Woman sure did like to hear herself talk, didn't she. "Some of us are expatriates. It happens. Castle Hailong is residence to a dragon, three cats, an angel and a young man, but I am the only elf."

Her continued prodding at Dror and Celia was beginning to make him clench his hands. No, it wasn't right to punch girls, not even if they deserved it, and especially not if they were dragons, inside their own homes. "Who do I remind you of, then?"
"My lady," Celia murmured politely, "Lord Dror may not be feeling at his best this morning. Last night was rather eventful, and I don't believe he slept well."

She immediately cursed herself for speaking up, especially about the previous night. She did not need Adi prying for details about it. But she had to try something to take the heat off of Dror.
Adi continued to look at Ethaan. "Ah. I see. You have quite an ensamble at Castle Hailong." she folded her hands in her lap. "It must be difficult then, to not be around more of your people. I apologize, I have a slight curiosity in elves, especially ones that dont hail from elven cities or the golden lands." she smirked.

The question landed an amused, but elegant smile. She thought about the question, and laughed. "Like my father."

"My LADY." Sano stomped his foot on the conversation. "You wanted to look pretty didn't you?" he said.

Adi looked at Sano boredly. "I dont feel like it right now."

Sano bit his lips. But just as he was about to pop open his mouth and insist, Adi giggled, and opened that mouth of hers.

"How is Kitty? I hope she has recovered from our last meeting."

Sanos eyes flared. But he was still smiling. "Good." was all he managed to say, but even then, it was not pleasant sounding.

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