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"Oh. I guess I forgot he invited me." he blinked before looking down at the outfit he was now wearing. He became incredibly distracted by the gold lining, the cream colors, and the blue was quite bold.

Hearing Celia, Dror looked up at her. "Are they?" he said flatly. "I've been told they look like my mothers, although all sun dragons have them.." Dror trailed off, distracted by the gold buttons on his shirt.
Celia nodded at Sano. "I'm sorry, I'll call you Sano in the future." She walked around Dror again, examining his outfit with satisfaction, and pulled his collar straight. "And yes, Dror, they are quite lovely. I've never seen anyone with eyes quite that shade." She looked into his eyes and smiled. "Your mother must have been quite a beauty."

A thought occurred to her and she looked over her shoulder at Sano. "Will I need to appear as well, or as your assistant am I excluded from the invitation?"
Ethaan rolled his eyes.

"I am rude," he muttered. "That's why I stay away from courts."
"You will." Sano said with a bright smile. "I had to do the same for Kitty when she was younger, introductions are very important to dragons. They dont like hiring someone and then having someone they dont know work behind the scenes. It wont be an elaborate one mind you, just a simple presentation." Sano said.

"Well then you'll fit right in." he said with a cheshire smile. "Since when is court ever a treat?" Sano chuckled.
As soon as the two made eye contact, Dror immediately shifted into consciousness. "A-are they?" he blushed. "I never really have thought too much of them, but..thanks." he said with a soft smile, signaling the air to begin sparkling around his head.

Hearing the mention of his mother, the smile faded away. "I assume so. I never met her, but I heard from my sister Nava that she was a very elegant dragoness."
Celia bowed her head. "I'm sorry to hear that, Dror. I... well, I never had parents, so I can't say I know how you feel. But I wish you could have met her."

She stepped away and looked down at her dress. "Sano, do you think I'll need a different dress for court? This one isn't very formal..."
"Mmh," said Ethaan, with half a smile. "I suppose you're right. At least it won't be dull, one way or another."

At Celia's question, he snorted with laughter. "Does Sano ever pass by a chance to design new clothing for someone?" he said.
"As do I. I think we would have been very close." he said with a dreamlike smile. He had always, always wanted to meet her. "But Nava had the opportunity to meet with her, and learn a lot from her. If you want to know anything, you may ask her." he said.
"Ah, no, no. Your dress is lovely. Besides, the dragons in court would rather prefer us to look informal." his smile had lowered by the time he had finished his sentence. Or below their station. He mumbled in his mind.

"And in answer to your question Sir Ethaan," Sanos eyes sparkled. "You should be careful with your words dude. You will need a new outfit for introductions, unless wearing plate armor is an elvin tradition." his fingers waved flexibly in the air.
"I'll be sure to do that." Celia smiled. "I'm looking forward to meeting your family."
Ethaan sniffed.

"It's my tradition," he said. "I was only granted a knighthood in my armor. It's good enough for that, it's good enough for court presentation."
Dror looked away from Celia, pretending to have heard something in the kitchen. He was really scared to have her come to court. He had hoped that his father would not have been interested in meeting her. "I am as well." he said with a blank stare. "Nava has personally requested to be properly introduced to you, she's my fifth eldest sister." he said.

He just had to hope Adi wouldn't be interested in meeting Celia.
Sano leaned away from Ethaan a little. "Sorry dude! I'm rather unobservant of titles." he smiled brightly, and tipped his top hat in apology. "Then you should be fine! I cant imagine anything else that I need to prepare you for..oh! Except for one, single thing!" he walked over and leaned into his ear.

"Behave yourself. Especially in front of Drors father." he warned with a deep, dark voice, before peeling away with a bright Sano smile.
Celia's smile faded slightly. She couldn't tell if she'd said something wrong, or if it was just Dror being Dror.

"Well, by what time do we need to be there?" she asked, turning to Sano.
Ethaan raised an eyebrow at Sano, leaning away ever so slightly.

"Right," he grumbled. That was a bit rich coming from Sano, who Ethaan had never even remotely witnessed 'behaving'.

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