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"I've never seen a place this beautiful," Celia said sincerely. She smiled around the room. "And your home is lovely. I'm quite envious; I'd love to live in such a beautiful place. It's a lovely change after spending most of my life in cities."
Ethaan stiffened, and his eyelid twitched ever so slightly. Share a room with Sano? Oh lord.

"...If that's the arrangement you'd prefer," he said, carefully. "I'm told I snore quite loudly."
"I'm very glad you like it, I made it." he said smiling brightly at Celia. "Of course Sano generously acquired the island for me, and left me to it. Its not the fanciest. There are much more splendid places in town, and the court palace is beautiful." Dror said gently.

"You'll see for yourself when Sano takes you there." he said a little nervously. "Then when you come back you'll find my home plain." he finally laughed, but it was very quiet.
"Oh thats fine. I'm told I sleep like a rock." Sano said smiling, slapping the elf on the arm. "I sleep very soundly, so much so Lucile is my alarm clock back home." he said.

"Sorry there isn't another room, normally it would have been just me and Kitty. Dror doesn't sleep in the house, he sleeps outside after all." he said walking off towards the guest rooms.

He took the left turn, and then another to get to the first guest room. Waving his fingers in the air purely for dramatic purposes, he created two comfortable beds, covered in gold and red print. Once finished, he moved to Celias room and did the same.
"Oh, surely not." Celia smiled gently at Dror. "I haven't seen much in my life, so everywhere I go is still fresh and exciting and different. I can hardly judge any one place as being plainer than any other." She looked around again. "And I'm sure somewhere like this could hardly be plain by anyone's standards. Sano has excellent taste, if he chose it."
Ethaan sighed, the shoulder of the arm Sano had smacked him on hunching up. A heavy sleeper wouldn't notice if Ethaan defected in the night to sleep on the couch, so that was all right then.

"Sleeping outside doesn't sound like a bad idea either," he said aloud. "Do you sleep on the, roof, then?" He turned towards Dror. The cats would, occasionally, sleep on the roof or the battlements at the Castle. The stone was less comfortable than Ethaan liked, but he could see the appeal.
"I have traveled very little. Even in this world I have never left my fath-" he quickly cut himself off sharply. "Lord Ignear's realm. Even if I wished to travel outside the borders it would take me a very long time to leave it, the Ignear territory is quite large." he said.

He nodded, looking at the patterned drapes that were blocking off the balcony. "He does indeed have excellent taste. Sano's one of the most desired tailors in this world, which is astounding considering where he comes from." Dror said with great respect.

Dror nodded at Ethaan. "I do. The weather here is quite nice this time of year. The raining season just ended, so the air is very crisp." he said casually. "....You two don't find that unusual?" the dragon blinked in surprise. He had often been scolded, and mocked that he often slept outside.
"Ah, that's right, humans aren't precisely common here, are they." Celia glanced at Sano and smiled. "It's fortunate for me that he's so well thought of; I gather that it's not exactly easy for outsiders to obtain permission to visit."

"Sleeping outside makes a certain amount of sense, in a world of perpetual spring." Celia lifted one shoulder in a brief shrug. "I can understand the desire to take full advantage of the climate."
"Always thought dragons had funny taste in clothing," said Ethaan under his breath, smiling slightly, with a sideways glance at Sano. "No accounting."

"Not unusual at all," he told Dror. "There's plenty of folk who prefer kipping outdoors when it's nice enough. Most elves, in fact, although I'm afraid I've been with humans so long I've gone native." He half-smiled, folding his arms.
Dror lowered his head slightly. "No, sadly they aren't." he said quietly. Although he was sure if humans were around they could teach a lot to the dragons.

"That is also another tragedy. Outsiders are rarely permitted, we've had quite a bad history with mages and other casters that it unfortunately makes it very difficult for people, even for Sano to come and visit. You can only gain permission from Lord Ignear." Dror said.

It was nice to hear his view was not only accepted, but actually agreed upon, and thus a very soft smile spread across his face, lightly lighting the air again. "I wonder what it would be like to live with elves, I wonder if we would get along." Dror said wondered off the top of his head.
A very childish frown was on Sano's face. "Watch it dude. I am totally like, half tempted to use a completely different outfit for your presentation to court." he frowned. "And if Kitty didn't make me swear upon pain of death not to change your clothing you would be a frilly pink rabbit."

"Speaking of fashion though, we need to practice Celia for our appointments." his eyes began to gleam with creative energy.
Celia got the feeling there was more to the situation than Dror was saying. "I take it I'm more fortunate than I'd thought at first, then," she murmured, glancing at him.

Sano's reminder distracted her, and she turned to the colourful mage with a smile. "Oh, that's right, we do! Where should we start?"
Ethaan nodded, his face grave. "It's a shame when a realm shuts itself off," he said. "The Golden Lands did so because of fear of the humans bringing iron and the sickness it creates in most of us, but I can't help but think we lost a great deal." Iron immunity, for instance, presented mainly in elves with some human heritage. They'd shut out their cure with their disease.

He shrugged in reply to Dror. "You'd get along well with some elves, less with others. We're of varied temperaments, and keep to ourselves. You seem to like the same kind of land that we do, that goes a long way with us."

He arched an eyebrow at Sano. "Empty threats from someone I find myself in a position to smother in his sleep tonight."
He looked away a little guiltily, and bit his cheek.Curse his truthfulness. The conversation was heading very much into dangerous waters when he should have just kept his mouth shut. But he just couldn't seem to lie to Celia. "I'm sure its easier than I make it sound." he said, trying to comfort her.

"Oh? So there's other sealed realms?" he said surprised to hear. "Oh yes, I've heard about iron poisoning, but I thought that only applied to fairies." Dror said, amazed for a moment he could remember his studies on the subject.

...He had a terrible feeling he would have gotten along better with elves.
Sano quirked a smile. "You can try." he said cockily.

"Ah! Dror. Come here, come here." he pulled the dragon over and snapped his fingers. The well dressed attire disappeared, and left Dror simply in a white shirt and pants. "You will be mostly working with me on coloration choices, piece and fabric choices Celia. If that's alright with you. I always have way too many ideas and possibilities that I take notoriously too long to decide on anything." Sano grinned. "So. Happen to know anything about 16th century french clothing? Squishy hat age." he tipped off.

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