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He blushed, hearing Sano. “How can you say no to a puppy? You’d have to be heartless to say ‘no’ ”He said, trying to rationalize? He liked Puppies, and even babies, but wasn’t a big fan of cats. It was just in his nature, like a maternal instinct.

The sudden thought of the puppy being an adult and crushing him.”Yeah…We can’t have her sleep with us anymore” He said. Then thinking about if they were heated in the moment, it wouldn’t happen.

Hearing his laugh he smiled, feeling the others arms around him he heard his whisper. He blushed more and said, “Oro?” Feeling the other kiss his cheek he smiled a bit.

[IKR XD Do you want me to be Katsu?]
Sano laughed when he heard the other say you'd have to be heartless to say no. He laughed, shaking his head. The other sure had a protective streak. He'd even seen him playing peak-a-boo at a distance with a baby at a market once. He thought it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen!

He nodded and agreed with Kenshin. A couple times they'd been in the mood and had to stop because it was too awkward with Natsu there.

He couldn't help his chuckle when the other blushed and said 'oro.' He nodded.

"Yep, that's what I'm talking about."

He tucked his arms around Kenshin's waist, pulling him close and kissing him. He played with the ends of his ponytail, the other hand gently rubbing along his back.

(Have actually played peak-a-boo with a baby while in Kenshin cosplay. My buddy who was dressed as Saito was like "Battousai reduced to a mushy mess at the hands of a baby." LOL! How about we trade off?)
[Aww kawaii >////< LMAO. I can see Kenshin doing that.]

Hearing the others laugh, he couldn’t help but smile. Seeing him shaking his head, he was a bit confused but didn’t say anything else. Was it really that bad to have a weakness like that? He didn’t think anyone had seen him playing with the baby, seeing it had been crying. Even the lady had thanked him, once he got the baby to even sleep.

He of course didn’t mind stopping, but it was rather uncomfortable the feeling.

“What?...”He was confused, okay if he was an outsider and can see his actual expressions he’d probably think the same thing. Then again people are always so critical of themselves.

Feeling the others arms around his waist he leaned into the other. Feeling the other playing with his hair, while feeling the hand rubbing his back. Sighing at the feeling.

Off in a distance Katsu was walking back home, he had been selling his newest master pieces in town. He was quite the popular artist, women loved his work. He’s even drawn things men would like. He stopped in his tracks as he can see two familiar figures from a distance. Seeing how tall the person was…wait?! Was that Sanosuke?! Who was he with? He gotten closer and saw it was Kenshin?! Wait? What happened with Ren?!
Of course it was a good thing that Kenshin felt like that about puppies and babies. It was just even more adorable! And Kenshin was so good with kids, it was almost entertaining to watch.

Seeing the other was still confused he laughed and rubbed his nose against the other's. Hearing him he sighed.

"You do and say some of the most adorable things. I know you don't like being called 'cute,' but you really are! 'Oro.'"

Sano had no idea that Katsu saw them, or he probably wouldn't be so affectionate with the redhead right now. He tilted the other's chin up and kissed the other softly but passionately. He reached back and played with the other's hair, enjoying the way it felt.

If only Katsu knew that 'Ren' was really Kenshin. He'd probably have a fit! He'd seemed strangely annoyed when he'd met 'Ren.' How would he explain being with Kenshin after Ren if they were caught!?
Hearing is laugh he blushed, feeling their noses rubbing against each others. Then heard his sigh. He had no idea his eccentric ways were cute. The way he says ‘Oro’. He made a pouty face, hearing him say he was cute.

Kenshin blushed , feeling the other tilt his chin and had kissed him passionately, he closed his eyes returning the kiss. Once he pulled from the kiss he purred in his eyes."I love you"he whispered.

Katsu's eyes widened, watching how affectionate he was with Kenshin?! Seeing him kiss Kenshin an anger boiled inside of him. It wasn’t fair! Sano was his! He kissed back with just as much passion.

He hid and just watched, feeling his heart rip into two. He would have been okay with Ren but with another man! It should be with him!

[Where would he dig up his information on Kenshin?]
Sano couldn't help but continue to chuckle as the other reacted. He was even cute when he was trying to deny that he was cute! It was a vicious cycle! Sano gently ran his fingertips along the other's pout. So damn cute!

He couldn't help the heat that built up when he felt Kenshin kiss back. He blushed and leaned in, holding the other tight against him. Hearing the whisper, he smiled softly and whispered back.

"I love you too, Kenshin."

He pulled the other back into the kiss, not realizing they were being watched. He had no idea that Katsu had wanted him. Honestly, he thought of the other as a brother. They had grown up together.

(Maybe goes to Saito to ask about Kenshin as Battousai? Maybe just says things and when he doesn't deny them he realizes they're true?)
[Yes! Wanna play that scene out? I think I play a better Saito than Katsu, wanna take Katsu? also I can see Kenshin get so upset either flip out or cry. Katsu should walk in on them at Sano’s house, as Kenshin is probably cleaning or doing laundry? So Kenshin can’t hear the conversation? Either Katsu or Sano should punch Kenshin after the conversation, wanting to know the truth.]

Kenshin felt the other holding him close and he smiled as he nuzzled his head into the other. He smiled, as he felt so content and warm in his arms.

Feeling himself being pulled into another kiss, he had a feeling Katsu had liked Sano. By the way the other brain washed him and got him to betray Kenshin that night. Especially when the Sekihetai revolt happened.

Katsu couldn’t take these displays of affection anymore. In all honesty it was making him sick to is stomach. He ran off, which of course Natsu gazed over from her daddies to a man running. She yipped and instantly was gone, her hair began to stand.

Kenshin broke from the kiss and saw Natsu was yipping and he gazed over in the direction, seeing nothing.
(Yeah, I'll take Katsu. I can see him crying and being afraid too afraid so he just pleads with Sano. Sure, Sano could be just coming home from work or something. I don't really see Sano punching Kenshin. Maybe holding him in place and shaking him roughly or something? I can see Katsu slapping him or something, but I think even then Sano would get angry with Katsu.)

Sano smiled at the smaller man in his arms. This was exactly as it was supposed to be. He sighed into the kiss, relaxed and happy to just stay there with the other.

When the other broke away, he looked over to see Natsu about to take off into the bushes. What had gotten into her? Did she see a squirrel or something? He had no idea they had been watched by Katsu.

"Natsu, stop!"

The pup stopped running and looked back at them, still yipping at the man in the bushes. Sano frowned and pointed to the spot where she had been sitting and she slowly walked over, still yipping a bit.

"I wonder what's gotten into her?"

(Should we skip to when they're at home? Or should we skip to Saito and Katsu?)
[Yes XD lol. That’s good with me. We can do that scene and skip to the next.]

Kenshin Heard rustling in the bushes, his guess it was a small rodent and Natsu must have seen it. It could even be a stray cat?

Seeing the puppy stop running and can’t yipping at the bush. Kenshin could see she was still a bit upset, but had a feeling the puppy was onto something or it’s just him over thinking things. Sensing something in those bushes.”I dunno…Sano”He said, as he scooped the pup in his arms and he gazed at the bush for a brief second. “How about we keep moving?”he suggested, with a soft smile. The puppy was much smarter then they thought.


Saito sighed as he was at the near by ramen shop, eating his fill. “Hear ya go, Fujita-san”The woman said, placing his bowl of ramen down, long with a pair of chop sticks. She also poured him some tea. Even since that embarrassment with Kenshin, he went to sulk.

The woman took a seat beside him, showing interest in him. She had a cute face and a rocking curves, which made her look good in her kimono. She smiled,”Let me know if you need anything”She said, as she started to get up.

“I’d like it if you stayed and enjoyed this with me”he said, smirking.

“Oh?...”She said, as she blushed. “Well I am on break now, so why not?”She giggled.
(Sounds good to me.)

Sano could see that the puppy was uneasy and it made him look up at the bushes with a frown. He could tell that Kenshin was uneasy as well, he sighed and nodded when the other suggested they keep moving. He waited until the other picked the pup up and wrapped his arm around the other's shoulders, sighing as they continued to walk. He threw a backward glance at the bushes, then kept moving.


Katsu walked around town, hands in his pockets, sulking. He wanted Sano! He wanted Sano for his own and nobody else could have him! Why did he choose that brat Kenshin? He always got Sano in the end!

Katsu's eyes narrowed and he growled to himself in rage. He wished he'd been smart enough to take that little brat out when he'd had the chance! Should have used one of his bombs on him. Should have picked up his sword when he dropped it to the ground and used it on him. Marked up that face a little more and then Sano wouldn't want him!

Katsu was brooding himself into a gloom when he saw the Soba stand and the familiar face of that Saito man. He wondered if he hated that Kenshin as much as he did. He'd known him since the Bakumastu and had been trying to kill him for years!

The thought struck an idea for Katsu and he grinned evilly. Walking over, he stood over Saito and gave a small smirk. Saito must know something about Kenshin that would make Sano leave the man.

"Saito-san. May I sit?"
Saito hated Battousai not Kenshin Himura. He saw the two the as the same person, but yet different. He wanted tat rematch with the Battousai not Kenshin. Only reason being was because Kenshin is far to soft not willing to kill, while Battousai was different. Battousai would have killed without a second thought. Having fought him multiple times in the past and always ending in a draw.

Despite hating Kenshin he did work with the other on a few cases. He finished his meal, as he gazed at the pretty woman,”Your cooking is amazing as always”He smirked. Seeing the woman blushing she smiled.

“Oh your just saying that”She said.

“I mean it”He said, as he leaned in and stole a kiss from her. She was bright red and he smirked, finding it precious…He sensed something he didn’t like. “What do you want?”He asked, as he sipped his tea.

Gazing over he spotted a familiar face? He then remembered who he was,”Aren’t you that Rooster head’s friend, The artist?”He questioned. “What do you want?”He asked.
(Jeez, I had no idea Saito was such a womanizer! First Ren, then the Soba Lady!)

Katsu had seen the cop was busy trying to seduce the Soba lady, but he didn't care. The man could come back and try again later! He wanted to get rid of Kenshin and make Sano his! And the more time that redheaded brat spent with his Sano the angrier he got!

"Yeah, I'm Sano's friend."

He wasn't exactly sure if he liked this man either, by the way he called Sano 'Rooster head.' Still, this man was his best chance at getting rid of Kenshin. He cleared his throat at the woman as if pointedly telling her to leave the table. He had serious business to attend to and he didn't want this girl flirting and batting her eyelashes as he tried to get it done! He waited for the girl to stand and leave before he sat across the table from Saito, speaking low.

"I want to talk to you about the Battousai."

His eyes were narrowed and he stared at the cop. He made it very clear that he wanted this conversation kept secret.

"I hear you knew him when he was working with the Ishin Shishi. Care to tell me about it?"
[I just thought it would be funny XD]

In all honesty Saito didn’t care if the other liked him or not. Saito with certain people, either was liked or not. It’s like an acquired taste.

He smirked a bit, hearing his statement was right. Saito found Sanosuke annoying but did consider him as a friend, but he’d never admitted that. His smirk faded, seeing him getting the woman to leave. Seriously Why does he bother?!

He wouldn’t really be listening to the other as his attention would be on the girl. Mentally sulking he sighed, seeing her leave and saw the man sat across from him. He sipped his tea, not saying a word. “Huh?”Hearing the other, wanting to know more about ‘Battousai?’

Placing his cup down he gazed at the man with a fake smile. He studied the youth, seeing the looking his eyes. It looked like pure hatred, and he put two and two together. “First off I can see why your doing this now”he said. “Judging by your reaction and look in your eyes, your jealous. Your hoping to get rid of him so you can have rooster head. Am I wrong?”He smirked. Hell he was good at psychology and studying people.

“Well he was quite different from the façade you see know”He said. “He had awesome strength, but now as he is it’s not worth fighting him”He muttered. “Well he joined when he was fourteen years old, which of course it was hard for someone his age to join. He did sleep his way in and became quite the slut in the army and tea houses”he whispered, he’d never heard of his Alias as ‘Ren’. “He even had been married at one point to a beautiful young woman, back then. That’s all I know”he said.
(OMG! Kenshin, you little slut! LOVE IT!)

Katsu just stared at the man across from him. Seriously, he knew that hormones could rage, but for crying out loud, pay attention! When Saito finally paid attention to him, he couldn't help but feel like he was reading him like a book. When the other said he was jealous and wanted Sano for his own, he couldn't help but gape a moment.

"Okay, you caught me. But I just know Battousai isn't good for him."

When the other started talking about how he was a totally different person, he arched a brow. He had no interest in his ability to fight. He already knew the man was a great warrior, and he had no interest in fighting him to begin with. He just wanted him out of the way.

Hearing the other continue on about how he joined the Ishin Shishi, he couldn't help but let his eyes widen. He'd slept his way in? At fourteen? He wondered about him being a slut in the army and tea houses. The thought of Sano kissing someone like that made his stomach turn and his skin crawl. And he'd been married? Well, Sano had already known that. He frowned.

"You don't know anything about why he slept around? And what about the time he wandered around like an idiot?"
[X’D LMAO. Ikr. It’s why I love him.]

“Well I don’t care honestly what you do with this information “He said, with a smirk.

What Saito was talking about was the truth, it’s how the other picked up tricks and even dressing up as a woman. He would do unspeakable things to his victims, have sex with them then kill them, somewhat like a black widowed spider.

The redhead at the time was desperate and wanted to make some sort of difference, even though it was through humiliating methods. He was the slut of the imperial army but was well respect in the man slayer world. He also did mention it was quite normal in the military for the men to go do that. Almost every man there had a piece of the redhead.

“Well knowing the Battousai to compensate the blood he had shed. A way to vent without crying”He said. “If you had seen him, he never cried, never showed emotion”He said. “Well I do remember his wife had died about eleven years ago, I don’t know what he’s been doing while wandering. I did get reports that he did go to tea houses, because I had been tracking him down at the time”He said. He shrugged, “You can ask him that yourself”he said. “Anyway that’s all I know…”He said, as he finished the rest of the cup and got up and left.

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