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Sakura Blossoms

A Rurouni Kenshin SanoKen RP
User ImageThe man's violet orbs, never left his lap. The red head had been propped up, by side against the railing. His ivory colored legs hung off the edge of the porch. Kenshin couldn't believe he just admitted the truth, truth about his past to everyone. He had a calm expression on his face, but it needed to be said. He needed to explain what was going to happen and the cause of this? It was his fault and only he had to fix it. Satisfy Enishi's anger...Even if that means giving up his own life, to make the young man happy. "It's weird... talking about her, after all these years....that it is"he said, in his own eccentric way. His voice was different, it was a much more serious side of Kenshin.

He placed a hand on his left cheek, feeling the scar. it was pretty painful talking about his deceased wife. He wanted to wander off, so none of his friends will get hurt. He didn't want certain, spikey haired male to get involved. Then again it hasn't stopped the teen from following him to Kyoto. Not only Sanosuke followed him, but Yahiko and Karou as well. He had his eyes set on the ex, Fighter for Higher. It has been that way since he's first met the guy. He only began to have a crush on him, when he defeated the other in their first match. He was angry they showed up, but they became very useful and he was very thankful. He had to rely on the Oniwabanshū and his master, Seijiro, Hiko.

"Wow! I can't believe it Kenshin, You had a wife?!"Yahiko said, in shock. It wasn't all that uncommon for men to marry young, especially Samurais and it was called, Genpuku.

The red head manage to gaze up at everyone, with that pained look in his eyes. Gazing his violet orbs to Yahiko and he slightly nodded. Not only was it emotional pain, but he felt physical pain. He had just finished a fight and seeing Enishi. He did manage to take a nap when he got back. The nap was shortly lived, having a nightmare. "This one cannot avoid this battle..."he said.

Tomoe was the first woman and the last woman he had feelings for. Afterwards he felt nothing for women, he couldn't possibly think of doing anything with a woman, let alone have relationship with them. His eyes are only set on

Kenshin gazed over to Kaoru, who looked like she was about to say something...? At the same time he noticed how pale she got?
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It felt as though ice had slipped into his stomach. Kenshin, Himura Kenshin... Had a wife? The image of a young girl with black hair and midnight eyes standing beside a Kenshin, who was lanky and child-faced with puberty, settled in his mind. The image shifted to a snowy scene was blood spattered on snowflakes and Sano gulped at the lump in his throat. He glanced at the redhead in front of him, jaw clenched at the way those violet eyes were lowered, at the serious tone in his voice that seemed all too wrong for the gentle rurouni.

The deep hurt that was obviously pulling Kenshin into his own thoughts caused flashes of anger, multiplied as he understood the reason for Enishi's sudden appearance in Tokyo. So Kenshin's brother-in-law wanted revenge? It was cruel to think that after all the red haired man had suffered, he was being pulled into another battle that could cost his life, one that cut so deeply into his heart. It made Sano want to protect him, to take on the hurt for him. Of course, he knew that Kenshin would never allow any of them to get involved: He would fight this battle on his own, the way he'd intended to fight in Kyoto.

Realizing that once again he could only stand by and watch the object of his affections was put through another heart-wrenching hardship, Sano fisted his hands. It wasn't fair!

At Yahiko's outburst, Sano flinched and half had the mind to swat the boy on the back of the head. Instead, he gazed down as Kenshin's hand raised to his scar, noticing the look of pain that wasn't entirely emotional.

Glancing at the Missy and noting how pale she was. Of course, the girl had been infatuated with the redhead since before Kyoto. Watching Kaoru shift closer, he felt his heart sink.

"We'll stand by you, Kenshin."

Sano gave a nod, eyes focused on violet orbs.
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Kaoru couldn’t even picture the red head to have a wife, especially seeing a younger version of Kenshin, standing beside a woman, who was probably taller than him. This seriousness didn’t suite the red head, he should have that smile, that stupid look on his face that he carried often. She frowned, as she couldn’t imagine, how Kenshin would feel murdering his own wife, right before his eyes. Of course the murder was by accident. Kenshin had been fending off the man who wanted his life and Tomoe, got in the middle.

At that moment in his life, he hadn’t been thinking, but without going through this hardship, he would have never learned the value of human life. He now holds all life sacred, and he began to value his own life. Hiko taught him that much, especially learning the amakakeru ryu no hirameki.

Every so often this long, almost dragged out feeling had Kenshin slipping in and out of his own thoughts. Removing his hand from his face, he sighed.”Another reason, this one told you guys is because your all in danger”He warned. “Of course he won’t settle with just this one, he wants to take out whoever is close to me”He added. It made sense why Enishi would do such a thing he was a child. Hurt Kenshin, beyond all belief then take him out, having that pain lingering in his eyes. It’s not only bad that Enishi wants him and his friends, but he was connected to the Yukaza.

Gazing at them he blinked, seeing Sanosuke’s reaction. It semi-startled him, at least he was more or less back to reality. Even if Kenshin left the others would be in danger and it gave them ten days to prepare for the battle. His wounds from the battle with Shishio had healed up, but he couldn’t continue using the final technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. He had already done it three times, one with Aoshi, next with Soujiro, and lastly on Shishio. His body couldn’t handle it for so long, Megumi’s estimation was about five more years he was able to even hold a sword.
Kenshin blinked, hearing the other. Those words ‘We’ll stand by you’ Really meant a lot to the red head. He was more or less shocked, to see the others will still do whatever they can to help Kenshin through this.

“Why do you look so surprised?”Yahiko asked, raising a brow. “You should know us by now Kenshin, just like in Kyoto we will follow you”The boy said. His violet orbs glanced at Megumi, who nodded with a smile. Gazing at Tsubame she nodded, with a smile than lastly at Sanosuke. His eyes fixated on the Caramel colored orbs. Almost finding himself lost in his piercing, strong willed eyes. Not only was Sanosuke strong willed, but he was filled with life.

His violet eyes softened, from being so serious. A small smile was formed.”This ones glad to have friends, like you guys”He said, closing his eyes. This meant he had to prepare himself for the battle, while still caring out a daily routine. He had already been upset earlier, having the Akebeko destroyed from one of Enishi’s lackies.

Kenshin’s greatest battle wasn’t per say Enishi, but what Enishi represents his past. Having to confront to issue about Tomoe and come to grips with it.

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Sano stared at Kaoru, watching as the emotions flashed past in her eyes. Disbelief, probably at the news Kenshin had a wife. Anger, probably from him having never told her. Horror that he had murdered her, no matter how accidental it had been. The last emotion sent chills up Sano's spine as it settled in her blue eyes and made him want to growl: Betrayal.

Perhaps betrayal because she had hoped that Kenshin was hers, and now he admits something that could completely change that? The idea of Kaoru claiming the redhead in such a way made Sano's chest tighten painfully, especially when Kenshin turned to her. It made him ache; after all, everyone said they would be a perfect couple.

Hearing Kenshin's words, he turned from Kaoru to him, surprised to see violet looking back at him. It made him lose his breath and his cheeks to flush. Shaking his head, he scolded himself under his breath for his previous thoughts. Now was not the time for jealousy. They had to make sure that Kenshin would make it through this next battle.

Scanning the man before him, he realized just how much smaller he seemed as of late. He looked exhausted, despite the nap he had taken earlier, and the wound where Enishi's revolver had struck looked as though is stung. But the overall sense of 'just about done' that settled on Kenshin struck a nerve with Sano. Megumi had made his health no secret. Kenshin without a sword would be like a bird without wings, it just shouldn't happen.

Clearing his throat, he glanced at the others before stepping forward, holding out his hand to the redhead, trying his best to keep his voice even.

"Come on, you should eat something and that cut should be looked at again."
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Kenshin was well aware of Kaoru’s feelings for him, but sadly he couldn’t return them. Loving another woman was unthinkable, ever since Tomoe he’s had love affairs with men in the army. All of the affairs were kept secret, because if caught in these relationships they were forced into doing seppuku, even now. Homosexuality was frowned upon…His first time with a man was Katsura, which no one knew about, not to mention Katsura has Ikumatsu, they also only did this when there was a lot of tension in the air and they weren’t always surrounded by women.
His gaze still stayed locked onto the teen. Not only was he exhausted from recent events he was exhausted from fighting as well. Blinking, he noticed the male’s cheeks were turning nice shade of pink. His eyes smiled, seeing that, without actually him smiling on the outside. In comparison to everyone of them, Kenshin was pretty short for his age, he’s almost been on the small size, along with his weight. He was mistaken at times for being a woman, not to mention his feminine features. Then when you look at Kenhin, his strong, proud chest is always exposed from his gi top. His strong thighs and thick, pale calves were always hidden by the hakama pants.

The nightmare that interrupted his nap was him traveling in a wasteland, filled with skeletons, a perfect fit for Shishio. No It was perfect for a manslayer, it was perfect for himself. The wound on his head, still throbbed. It was no black and blue and still a bit swollen, Enishi threw that rather hard at him, not to mention it’s made of the strongest metals, most people would be knocked out by that.

Once he is forced to lay down his sword, due to his decline in health it will be the hardest thing for Kenshin. Having to part from his sakabato, which helped saved so many lives.

He blinked, seeing the other steeping forehead, seeing the hand held out to him. He tiredly looked at Sano again and then the hand he then placed his hand ontop of Sano’s. The others hand was warm and inviting. It held strength, but Sano's hand was gentle. He then grasped a hold of the others hand pulling himself up, his body ached in pain. Once he was up to his feet he said,”This one’s not hungry”He said. He just wanted a bath and to go back to sleep for the time being.

"No Absolutely not!”Megumi stated,”If you don’t eat, you’ll easily be killed”She stated, rather bluntly. “Your going to eat, is that clear!”She barked out. Of course Megumi can say this because she was a doctor and she knew a lot about the human body.

“Yeah Megumi-san’s right, Kenshin please try to eat even if it’s a little bit?”Kaoru asked.
Sighing looks like he was out numbered by the women,”Alright, looks like I’ve been out numbered, that I have”He said, raising his hands in defense. His stomach was still upset from the stress.

“Well now that’s settled, I’ll go start lunch”Kaoru said. Great. Kaoru is cooking, which in fact makes everyone’s stomachs turn.

“Hey how about I’ll help you, After I check out Ken-san”Megumi said, willing to help out. Megumi wanted Kenshin to have a proper meal. “Right Ken-san?”She asked, as she clung to his arm.
The red head nervously smiled,”I’ll be fine”He said, as he snaked his arm out of Megumi’s grasp. He had dried blood caked onto his skin and clothes.

His hand was still locked onto Sano's without realizing it.

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Sano sighed as he watched the other two women fuss over Kenshin. Glancing at Megumi, he couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed. He'd heard Yahiko and the Missy's slights about the two being fond for one another. While Sano could admit that the doctor was brilliant and a beauty, he couldn't see her as anything more than an older sister, or maybe a mother hen. He rarely had interests in women, never even going farther than a kiss to the cheek. The one time he'd actually felt love for another person, safe for the strong emotion that welled up in him whenever Kenshin was near, was for his Captain. A boyhood crush that ended far too painfully and soon. And now his affections centred completely on the handsome swordsman before him.

Oh, he was in deep trouble.

Clearing his throat again, Sano tried to erase the blush from his face as he met Kenshin's eyes, noting how he smiled within them. Taking a deep breath, he couldn't help but marvel at the strength in the small hands, rough callouses from years of swordplay against his palm. Helping him up, Sano noticed as the other man stiffened, probably from the aches of the fight. Sano eyed the wound and Kenshin's face, not sure if the other should be walking around with a head wound.

When Kenshin refused to eat and Megumi gave him a harsh scolding, he raised his eyebrows. Yep, definitely a mother hen. As Kaoru went off to begin cooking, Sano winced, already feeling sorry for Kenshin for having to put up with her cooking, and called after her to make something easy to digest.

As Megumi fussed over Kenshin, he swore he saw something not right in the redhead's smile as he pulled away. Sano bit his tongue, deciding to wait before pressing it. Kenshin didn't like to worry the girls, and Sano figured he'd humor his wishes.

"Don't worry, Fox, I'll look after him."

Megumi reluctantly nodded, glancing back at Kenshin with a small smile, before walking off, sending Yahiko off to get wood for the fire. Sano sighed, watching them walk off, shaking his head as he muttered.

"You'd think she was your mother!"

Giving Kenshin a small smile, he gave the hand in his a small squeeze and tug, pulling him closer. He reaching up, he pushed Kenshin's hair back, frowning at the sight of bruise and the trail of blood. Kenshin was lucky he hadn't been knocked unconscious. Taking a second to appreciate the swordsman features and the softness of his hair, he lowered his hand.

"Why not get that wound and you cleaned up before lunch, ne?"
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Kenshin gazed over at the two with a nervous look on his face, it’s his confused expression. He himself slightly noticed Sano not taking an interest in women? He wondered why? Him thinking something like that now?! Shaking his head, as a headache began to form. He needed some sort of painkiller to ease some of this pain.

Feeling how big Sano’s hands in comparison to his own was pretty pathetic. His scanned down the others body without much thought. He noted the others tight chest, that was exposed and his strong core. His stomach began to turn, thinking how painful it was to eat her cooking. He always tried to encourage her to keep cooking and he’s gotten so use to it, he hardly felt pain, but the red head deserved better food.

Hearing the younger male reassure Megumi that he’s in good hands. He smiled, seeing Megumi’s small smile. Sighing he gazed over at Sano to hear his remark. He smiled more,” It sure seems that way, that it does” he said. He forgotten the other was still holding his hand and he felt the sudden tight squeeze he gazed at the hand and up at the other. He felt himself being pulled closer, his face began to heat up. He lightly winced, feeling the hand brushing his bangs back, to look at the wound. The others hand did feel nice against his skin, even though he was in so much pain now.

Feeling the taller male remove his hand he nodded, at his suggestion. He could walk, it would just be a slower pace, for his body to keep up. He exerted a lot of strength, but it was more of the mental pain he felt. “Alright, I’ll see you at lunch”He smiled.
He left the other to draw himself a bath, in the shed that Kaoru had. The painful part is stripping his clothes, getting in and out of the bath.

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Glancing over at the redhead, Sano noted the confusion in his expression. Maybe he got hit with that revolver harder than he thought? He made a mental note to get some painkillers from Megumi, or maybe something to help clear his head.

As Sano glanced over the wound, he could have sworn he saw Kenshin looking him up and down. Probably sizing me up against a would-be opponent, Sano thought with a frown. Glancing down as he pulled away, he appreciated Kenshin's slight, though strong build. To give Kenshin a passing glance, you'd think him a teenage boy with a sword he probably couldn't use. The pink haori didn't help much, either. But when you got close and looked hard, you could tell that was not at all the case.

His figure was built into lean muscles that could carry past his own weight and send him on extraordinary leaps and bounds. His chest and shoulders were compact but rigid from years of fighting, only seeming slight from that gaping haori. Sano'd only seen his legs when the guys would all swim in the river, or when he'd been bandaged after his battles, but he'd noticed the definition from years of wandering, running and jumping. His slight stature only did more to improve his skill.

Catching himself staring and swallowing hard, Sano nodded, trying not to think to much of the blush that crept up on Kenshin's face. Probably just tired and annoyed. Reluctantly allowing him to remove his hand, Sano watched as Kenshin turned, sensing the pain rolling off the rurouni in waves. Definitely getting that painkiller.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay by yourself?"
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At first Kenshin did have a imprint of the revolver embedding into his skin, but not it’s bruised pretty badly. He definitely needed the painkillers and the sleep. Kenshin was sure as hell lucky not getting a concussion, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to take a nap. His intentions with his eyes, eyeing Sano wasn’t for opponent wise, but as for admiration for the others body. When people looked at Kenshin, most can’t believe he was once a Hitokiri.

What gave him away that he was a young teen was his eyes, his years of experience and knowledge, especially in Hitokiri mode. For whatever reason if people learned the Hiten Mitsurugi it gave them eternal youth?! His master looked rather young, despite his age. It was an advantage in a fight, his height. Being small made him lighter on his feet and jump higher.
Kenshin at all wasn’t annoyed, he was tired yes, but not annoyed when around Sano. He stopped hearing the male and he gazed at him.”I’ll be fine, that I will”He smiled, as he turned around and headed off. He grabbed a pair of clean clothes, which was a navy blue gi top and white pair hakama pants and a clean loin cloth.

Carrying his clothes he had walked in when the bath was finally ready and heated. Shutting the soji doors, he removed his top as fast as he could and winced, due to it sticking to his body. Once that was off he got his hakama pants off and his fundoshi. He slipped into the water, hissing a bit from trying to sit. He sighed out, in a slight relief but pain, the heat did wonders on the his aching body. His removed the loose pony tail from his firey red locks. Watching it fall to his chest and down his back.

He cleaned the blood off his face, but the heat of the water stung him. He grabbed the soap and began to wash his body, which smelled nice, along with the shampoo he used, it was scented. The scent was lavender, along with mint, Once was fully cleaned off he just rested. He layed his head back and shut his eyes. He wasn’t sure if he was going to fall asleep? That would be nice falling asleep to this nice heat.

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Sano gave Kenshin a small smile as he turned and walked away, crossing his arms as he watched the redhead. He could almost feel the headache Kenshin had developing, the aches and pains. It made Sano want to hold him, take the pain from him and protect him from it from then on. Fat chance of that, considering the redhead's life.

Sano thought back on the long admission Kenshin had just given the group and He stood, staring at the ground as he considered it. The faraway look in those violet eyes. The way his hands hands had tightened around his sakabatou as though it was a lifeline. The tone he spoke with, so sad and serious. Sano swallowed hard as he looked over towards the bath shed, sighing at the idea that once again, Kenshin was out of reach and alone. He could understand the need to be private with such matters, the ache that comes with talking about such things. But the rurouni always put so much blame on himself, and always put himself last.

Thinking back to the way Kenshin had winced when he'd checked his wound, Sano made his way into the dojo, intent on collecting painkillers and a poultice from Megumi. He hated head wounds. They made him nervous. Having received them several times himself in his brawls, he knew the aching, sick feeling that came with them and though Kenshin said he'd be fine, Sano worried for him. He thought back to the crack of tile against flesh and the way Kenshin had been knocked out cold during the battle with Shishio.

Giving a shiver at the memory, Sano found Megumi, collecting the supplies and a cup of water. If he said he'd be fine, he'd be fine, right?
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If Kenshin could he would want the teen to hold him and tell him things would be okay. The truth of the matter is, that won’t happen for him. They are both men and it’s not like he can run away from this either. If it’s one thing that’s obvious is that the red head was stubborn in regards in accepting help from others, he honestly think he can take the world on his own shoulders. Sadly he can’t the world will crush down on him, shattering his very existence.

The red head felt like he was dying, having talked that long. His own voice box was hurting and not to mention his bottom for sitting so long. The heat of the water eased the pain, despite sitting. In a sense that Sakabato was his lifeline, he endured many battles with it and proved people wrong that he could not kill again. There has been a couple of instances where he snapped, first time with Jin-e udo, second time was with Saito. He was more enraged of what that man did to Sano, coming home to find the other out cold and with a bad wound.

What Kenshin really needed was his own happiness? What was his happiness? If he had to guess was to make others around him smile, protecting them and seeing the one he cared for the most to smile. Of course Kenshin said he’d be fine, but he was only human…nothing more. He wasn’t some superman, he just had a high endurance and was really athletic.

Kenshin’s eyes became blurry, as he began to slip in and out of sleep. Not really catching himself from nodding off. The heat of the water was too much, it made him to comfortable.

Meanwhile Megumi had prepared a simple meal for them all, along with Tsubame and Kaoru helping. They made the Miso Soup, rice and as for the meat they actually had gotten a good sized trot that could feed everyone a couple of rounds. Once lunch was ready Megumi sighed, untying her long dark locks. She helped set up the table for them all. She then saw everyone, but where was Kenshin?! She blinked, “Where’s Ken-san?”She asked.

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Sano sat leaning against the wall in the dojo, listening to the girls muttered chatting and Yahiko complaining about his work. Every now and again he would catch pieces of their conversation centred around Kenshin's admissions, which made him clench his jaw. It wasn't their business! If he wanted to reveal more about his relationship with his wife, he would have! While he could admit that he was curious as well, he didn't think it right to voice sometimes hurtful speculations.

He became so wrapped up in his thoughts on the morning, on red hair and violet eyes and how he felt about the swordsman, that Sano started when Megumi called everyone to the table. Nodding at the popping of his back from sitting in the same position so long, he walked over. At Megumi's words, he glanced around the table, also noticing Kenshin's absence.

"He's probably in his room asleep. I'll get him."

Walking back out, Sano walked down the hall to Kenshin's room, pulling open the shoji and sticking his head in. Seeing the room empty and the futon still neatly folded in the corner, he frowned. It had been near an hour since he'd spoken to Kenshin, and Sano's frown deepened. Surely Kenshin wasn't still in the bath? Remembering the way Kenshin had walked off to the shed, slower with pain and quieter than usual, Sano's eyes widened.

Walking swiftly down the hall he walked out of the living quarters, heart beating a little faster when he didn't see Kenshin walking across the yard towards him. Quickening his pace, he stopped in front of the shed door, knocking on the door.

"Kenshin, lunch is ready!"
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Kenshin normally doesn’t stay in the bath for to long, so it was really unusual. He usually took quick baths, unless he came back from a fight and was injured, that was the only time his body could fully relax. He could hide his physical pain, which wasn’t a problem, but this emotional pain, he couldn’t hide. He acted different when something bothered him, he became more spacey.

The red head had been fully relaxed and his guard was lowered that he didn’t even sense Sanosuke presence. What startled Kenshin out of his slumber was hearing the knocking on the door. He gasped, he then heard the teen’s voice, telling him lunch was ready, already?! Wait? How long has he been asleep? “Hai….”He answered, in a soft almost whispered tone.

He didn’t even realize he had dozed off into a sleep. He lightly groaned, rubbing his face, the heat had gotten to him, his face was flustered. His fingers were rinkled from the water. His hair was damp. Kenshin had gotten out of the bath, slowly so he didin’t hurt himself. He then reached for the towel and dried his body and hair off. His hair began to stick to his skin and he desperately needed to comb it. He reached for his loin clothes and he managed to tie it together to his fundoshi. He then got his white hakama pants on, and his navy blue gi top. Tying the bed, he grabbed his elastic, and he opened the Shoji door with a towel over his red hair.

He looked like he had fallen asleep and he was still waking up. “I didn’t realize lunch was already ready”he murmured.”I guess, I must have dozed off"he admitted. He wouldn't have admitted it to anyone else, but Sano.

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Sano held his breath, waiting for some sort of response from Kenshin. If Kenshin had drowned, he was going to revive him and maybe drown him again, just for being stubborn. Hand braced on the door, ready to burst in, he heaved a sigh of relief at the small response from inside. Nodding, he smile slightly, glad he didn't have to fish out a soggy redhead from the Missy's furo.

Slipping back into the dojo, he grabbed the painkillers and water before returning to the shed. The door opened and Sano had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing and sobbing at the same time.

Kenshin looked dead on his feet, eyes sleepy and a towel sitting crookedly on his damp hair. Sighing, he walked over, handing him the painkiller and water before taking the towel and drying the red locks. He could smell the lavender and felt sort of sleepy himself at the relaxing scent. At Kenshin's words, he gave a slight chuckle.

"You could have gone right under and not have known!"

Laughter dying, he paused his hands and leaned over Kenshin's shoulder, frowning at the tired way he had mumbled.

"You look like you're about to topple over. Want me to bring your lunch to your room?"

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