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"Okay one thing to cross of the list. What else?"
Kaylie thought for a moment, then said, "I don't like being bored."
"Well that narrows it down." Matt thought a bit harder, and still nothing came to mind."what's your favorite thing to do besides read?"
She, again, had to think about that. All the things that she LIKED to do were single person tasks. It's not like she was about to teach him how to knit a hat or scarf. She thought a little longer, and really couldn't come up with something that two people could do together. She shrugged towards him and said, "Why don't you take me somewhere to do something that you like to do? Enlighten me with your hobbies or something."
Matt thought about that for a moment. Then he snapped his fingers." I've got it. Do yuo want to go on an adventure?"
Kaylie smiled faintly. "An adventure? Sure? I guess." She wondered what he could possibly mean by 'an adventure'.
Matt turned serious for a moment."You have to be open to all we do on this adventure,okay? You're going to have to trust me on this one."
Her eyebrows furrowed, unsure. "Uh, okay?"
"Awesome." He stood up. "Let's go. First things first." He looked down at her shoes. "Are those good for running?"
She looked up at him, then back down to her Converse. They were good for running, but she wasn't sure if she was good for running. "Uhh, yeah."
She hoped that this wouldn't be a race of sorts. If so, she had already lost and the game hadn't even began.
"Great." He walked to the door, held it open for her. "Let's begin. The fun won't really start till we get to our first destinaiton. And no, don't ask what it is. It's a secret until we get there."
Kaylie looked at him quizzically, really wanting to know where they were going, but she followed him anyway. "Lead the way."
Matt closed the door behind Kaylie and started walking out of the apartments.He knew this route all too well, so all he did was walk. When the first spot came into sight, he started grinning.
Kaylie followed behind Matt closely, still completely oblivious to what was happening.
Matt saw the playground in sight. He was still grinning. He quickened his pace and called over his shoulder," Come on.The real fun is about to begin."

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