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Kaylie stopped and looked at him strangely. "Uh, no. Try again." She did the motion again witha little more accuracy.
"Oh I know! You're trying to make a big splash right?"
She gave him a more extreme look and sighed loudly. "No."
Matt smirked at her."Let me try again." He put his hand to his chin and pretended to be in deep thought.Then he snapped his fingers."Are you...trying to hit a ball?"
She dropped her tired arms and looked at him. "Yes. My gawsh that took you forever."
"No,I knew what you were doing. I have just having some fun messing with you." He smiled at her and then got up to think about what he was going to do next. He suddenly got an idea. He grabbed his book,sat down on the chair,and pulled his legs up into the chair. He stuck up some pieces of his hair to attempt ears.
Kaylie glared at him for a second, trying to decide if he was mocking her or not. She wasn't so sure. "Are you trying to make an impression of me?"
Matt tried to give her an innocent look, like who? Me? Nooo. It didn't work. He started grinning. 'Man you are so good at this game. And I thought I was doing a pretty good job of being you."
Kaylie tried not to roll her eyes, but failed. "I'm not THAT good. Charades is easy."
Matt chuckled."That was sarcasm, but we'll go with what you said." He got up. "Your turn."
Kaylie was getting rather bored playing this game. Plus, she couldn't really think of anything to act as. "I don't feel like playing anymore..." She said this quietly, pulling her legs up to her.
"Okay then. What would you like to do? We can do anything you want."
All of a sudden, Kaylie was shy and didn't really KNOW what to do.
"Surprise me."
"Hm, well let's see." Matt began to think. Nothing came to mind really, everything interesting they already did. "What don't you like to do?"
Without thinking, she said, "Watch tv."

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