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matt put the water pack and opened the freezer. He got the tray out and put a few ice cubes in there,then put it back. He walked back to the table. "Here you go my dear."
She scrunched her nose a little when he said, "My dear." but ignored it. She took the glass and sipped some of the water.
Matt sat back down and continued drinking his water. What were they going to do now?
"I have no idea what to do," she said, now feeling like she was really intruding on him.
Matt laughed."Me neither. It seems like we've already done everything even though we haven't. Want to catch a movie or something?"
Kaylie shrugged. "I guess." She didn't really watch TV or goto the movies.
Matt looked at her."Did you have anything else in mind?"
Matt looked at her."Did you have anything else in mind?"
She shrugged again. "I don't really know what to do."
"We can do anything. We could take a walk,go to the park,go to a movie,or stay here and play a board game or something. Anything you want to."
"How bout we play a game?"
"Awesome." Matt got up and walked towards the hall closet where he kept his games."What do you want to play? I've got Monopoly,Sorry,Uno,Life,and regular playing cards. Take your pick."
None of those games sounded remotely interesting to her. "Uh, how bout we play Charades?"
"I suck at that game,but okay." Matt walked to the living room. "You want to go first?"
"Uhmm, sure." She had to think of what to do. Then she got an idea. She walked into the middle of the room, and folded her arms into her sides and started flapping like a chicken.

[[Rules for playing games pretty much go like this: If it's hide-and-seek, I would tell you as the reader where she was hiding, but he would actually have to search for her. So if like she was in a tree somewhere in the park, he can't just immediately go to that tree and find her. He's got to look around for her, even though you already know where she is. So for charades, we tell each other what they're acting out, but they've actually go to guess.]]

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