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Kaylie felt a little startled when Matt moved to get up but then went back to closing her eyes and dozing.
Matt closed his book after getting to chapter 4. He always got tired after reading,and he wanted to stay awake. He would let Kaylie sleep,and if she woke up and wanted to do something,he'd be for it. He got up as quietly as he could and went to the kitchen to get some water.
Kaylie ended up falling asleep, despite her tries not to. The book fell from her hand and she slid somewhat sideways along the couch.
Matt heard a thud come from the living room and decided it was probably Kaylie's book. She must have fallen asleep. Just to be sure he crept back to the living room to see her asleep on the couch. He chuckled to himself and quietly walked over to her. He looked down at her,wondering what kind of life she must have had with everything going on. He brushed his hand very lightly over her hair and bent over to give her a light kiss on the head. Then he went back to the kitchen to finish his water
Kaylie stirred a little when Matt TOUCHED her. [[haha]] But she didn't wake up.
Matt sat at the small kitchen table siping at his water. He felt sort of drained,but he had already napped so he was waiting for it to be time for sleep.
Kaylie woke up some few minutes later, assuming that Matt hadn't disturbed her. At first, she didn't realize where she was, then remembered why she was on a couch. She got up and went into the kitchen, looking for Matt.
Matt looked up at the sounds of footsteps. Kaylie must have woken up,so he would wait for her to come and find him
She walked into the kitchen and saw Matt sitting/standing there. She smiled at him, feeling a little bit tired still, but awake. She also felt a little awkward and kind of like an intruder now. Kaylie glanced at the clock, which read 3:37pm. It was still in the afternoon.
Matt smiled back at her and pulled out the chair next to him."Want to sit?"
"Uhh, I guess." she said. There was nothing else to do anyways.
Matt smiled at her. "Do you want something to drink or anything?"
She felt a little thirsty. "Water?"
"Coming right up." Matt got up from the table and got a glass from the cabinet. He then walked to the fridge and pulled the pitcher of water out. He poured a glass and then looked at her."Do you want ice?"
"Yeah, sure."

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