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"Yep sounds like a plan." Matt stayed silent for a bit,wondering it he should pay Kaylie gas money for all the driving she's done. Would she care if he didn't? Would she even notice? Or care?
Kaylie pulled back into "her" parking place in Matt's apartment and once again got out of the car, and walked up to the apartments.
Matt walked with Kaylie back to his apartment and opened the door. Then he walked over to the couch and plopped down to get comfortable. He patted the spot next to him for Kaylie
Kaylie pulled a new book to read for her from out of her bag and sat down next to Matt.
Matt opened his book and started to read the little section of the story they usually put on the very first page. The dialogue seemed interesting enough, so he kept going.
She opened her book and tried to start reading, but couldn't really get into it. Yes, it was another book of the series that she had just finished, but she felt preoccupied.
Matt had just finished chapter one of his book. It was starting out kind of slow but books like this usually got better towards the middle.
Kaylie still couldn't get into her book. She usually got like this in between books, where she was still in mode with the previous and couldn't continue onto the next.
Matt focused in on his book, actually enjoying the first few chapters. He had never gotten into a book so fast before,and he never knew how much he actuallly liked to read.
Without looking up from his book,he started to talk to Kaylie."Enjoying your book yet?"
"Not yet, but hopefully soon," she replied.
"Yeah hopefully." Matt turned another page in his book
Now that he had spoken to her, she had lost track of the focus that she was obtaining. She'd have to start all over again to focus her mind on the book. She sighed, then looked at the first sentence of the book, trying to get her mind to click into reading mode.
Matt focused in on his book as if he hadn't even said anything to her.
Although Kaylie had already taken a nap today, she felt tired again. Probably from fooling around with Matt and the fake proposal thing that went on. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the couch.
Matt looked over at Kaylie for a second to see she was doing,and it looked like she was trying to nap,so he got up and moved to the chair by the couch,incase she wanted to sleep.

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