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She quickened her pace along with him silently.
matt stopped at the grass edge of the park and took in the sights. same old reliable park. He walked toward the play construction and started at a jog. "Come on, let's go play in the sand!"
Kaylie furrowed her eyebrows at Matt once again, glaring at his back, not really sure if she wanted to 'play' in the sand. Because he had been so nice to her, she followed him anyways. "Sandbox? What if there's like, cat crap or something in there?"
Matt dismissed the thought. "I've been here plenty of times and there has never been any." He stepped in the sand box and sat on the ledge. He grabbed a pail and shovel that was already in there and waited for her to sit. "Last one to the bottom has to be it."
"It?" she asked. She just shrugged and grabbed another pail and shovel that was next to her when she sat down. She began to dig.
Matt started to dig slowly, trying to not win. He grinned wickedly to himself and just started playing with the sand instead of actually digging
Kaylie, oblivious, was digging halfheartedly in the sand. She didn't really understand this childish game, and didn't know how deep the sand pit actually was; she just sucked it up and dealt with it. "Why are we digging again?" she asked.
Matt chuckled. "To get to the bottom of the pit of course! This will help with the first part of the adventure."
She stopped digging for a moment. "How is THIS supposed to help us with an adventure??"
She realized that she was being particularly moody, but she just continued on. "How deep is the pit anyways?" she asked as she continued to dig.
"Keep digging and you'll find out." Matt didn't mind the little change in mood, he had been around people like that alot."Don't worry it'll get better then this."
Kaylie kept on digging.
Soon enough, she could feel that she was nearing the bottom.
Just when she thought it couldn't get any deeper, she hit the bottom of it with her shovel.
"There." She looked over to Matt who didn't look even close to the bottom.
Matt,who was barely halfway through the sand, grinned to himself. "Aw shucks, that means Im it." He thought for a fer minutes about the next step, then stood up. "I hope your quick, because Im giving you a 10 second head start to hide anywhere in this park before I come chasing after you, whether you're hidden or not."
Kaylie looked up at him quickly and widened her eyes. "Crap!"
She got up as fast as she could and started running off in a random direction.
Matt counted to ten in his head."I,2,3,4,5....10!" He took off in a run in the direction he saw Kaylie go.There wasn't really anywhere she could go where he wouldn't find her.
Kaylie had started to climb up a tree.

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