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The woman continued babbling holding up random dresses to her before shaking her head and tossing them onto the growing pile of discarded dresses. Finally she found something that she knew the young king would want and pulled the shirt off of the girl and tossing it outside of the dressing room to Irial before turning to the girl. She handed the girl undergarments tsking in annoyance when she saw that they weren't going to fit. "You..bigger than most girls.. this no fit."
Galena's face turned beat red at her comment. She tried to back away. "You know. I don't need a dress. I'll figure something out."
The fey woman just rolled her eyes and left the room taking the undergarments and altered them quickly before walking back in thrusting them in her hands, "Hush child. You are naked and unless you want to walk around naked...which I'm sure a certain man will enjoy I can not allow it now put these on and be quiet."
Galena looked her confused at what she meant by a certain man but shrugged it off and slipped on the dress.
The fey woman ran her eyes over her slowly scrutinizing the changes she had made. It was a clinging top that flared out as soon as it reached her hips and the bottom of the dress was a bunch of different lengths. The dress was different shades of blue and green. It changed colors every time she moved making it look like the ripples in the ocean. "Yes, much better though it is still tighter than I would like but it can't be helped what with you big breasted humans. I've had to make so many changes for that other human girl but now that she is changing it should be easier to fit her.."
Galena raise her eyebrow. "Other human?"
The fey woman raised her eyebrows and just smiled at her, "Your all done little one. You can go get the shoes that are sitting outside on the chair."

-switch to Irial-

Irial was growing impatient as he waited for the two of them to finish. He could hear what the old woman was saying and didn't like it one bit. She needed to be quiet and he sent that thought out to her smiling when she changed the subject. He blinked a few times when he realized someone was buttoning his shirt. He glanced down and saw one of his old "toys" rubbing his chest. He rolled his eyes and let her do what she wanted only knowing she was doing it to prove a point to Galena.
Galena sighed and looked down at the dress. It was very beautiful but it was indeed tight around her chest. She walked out of the dressing room and rose an eyebrow at the two before spotting the chair the woman was talking about. She walked over to it and sat on it. She slipped her foot into one of the shoes and laced it up her leg. Though it was a simple gesture she was elegant while doing so. She then put on the second shoe and laced it up.
Irial's eyes narrowed and he couldn't help but stare as the dress rode up slightly higher on her thighs. He didn't even notice that the other girl had noticed what he was staring at and wound her arms around his neck and began rubbing her body against his and began sucking on his neck. He cleared his throat getting her attention and gently pried the girls hands apart and stepped away from her completely ignoring her, "Are you finally ready?"
Galena glanced up at him when she spoke. She stood up at the dress flowed around her. "I am. Thank you."
Irial nodded and ducked out of the girls arms once more sparing her a withering glance before he told her to leave. He walked over to Galena and took her upper arm and led her out of the dress shop. He handed her a blindfold. "Put it on. Can't let you see how to get here or out of here."
Galena nodded her head and put it on without a fight. It was only fair and she couldn't be trusted with the information. Not even if she wanted to.
Irial was strangely weirded out that she agreed to it so easily but shrugged and led her into the forest before once more taking her upper arm. He focused on the trees outside of her kingdom and within seconds they were there. He dropped her arm and took back the blindfold and slowly walked back into the forest calling over his shoulder, "You look beautiful dressed in the clothes of my people." He then disappeared into the forest and out of sight.
FASTWORD.....5 months. It was now the middle of winter. Currently night.

Galena had been punished severely and locked up for 2 months for getting caught by the faeries. She was know out and about doing more bidding under her father's orders. He was furious when she had informed him that she had no idea where the Faerie Kingdom was.

-Switch to Ria-

Ria had been living day to day in the 'house' she was given. As time went by more and more men came trying to mark her as theirs. She knew that someone had to be ordering them to do this. As the days got colder she attempted to keep herself warm. Despite being a werewolf, ever since she was born she was terribly affected by the cold. She had nearly died numerous times because of it. Her parents had trained her how to fight when in this condition unfortunately none of it was hand to hand combat because she was too weak for that. She was currently cuddled in the corner of the room with a thin blanket covered around her. She just stared at the fire with glazed over eyes. She was running a high fever.

-Switch to Layla-

Layla had kept her word. She made sure Megan had stayed away from the King and had her busy on other stuff. But by doing this Layla now had to visit the king every night to be his partner. She was currently on the way to the castle trying to take her mind off of it.

-Switch to Megan-

Megan had been busy taking care of missions and the sick. As she was kept away from the king her heart was slow healing and her powers were slowly coming back.

-Switch to Vald-

Vald had returned to the castle to continuing being the king's dog. He would from time to time think about Riley. He knew by now she would be a full fay and that he would never see her here again. She just hoped that she was happier now.
Irial had been slowly rebuilding his kingdom and helping his people rebuild their lives. They had not been out of the kingdom much because they were at their weakest during the winter. It was mainly do to all the living things going dormant during the long months of winter. Though you could never tell that in the Fey Kingdom. It was perpetually Spring, Summer, and Autumn all year long. He had given Riley permission to go to human kingdom to get the rest of her things and to say goodbye to whoever she needed to.

-switch to Brody-

Brody was growing more and more volatile as the days grew by. He had been shifting almost everyday to placate his wolf for not finding Ria. He had heard a few guards a few days ago talking about a "rogue" wolf in the northern part of the continent. He didn't know if it was her but seeing as how this was some sort of lead. He had to follow it. He was finishing up getting ready for the trip. He had to sneak around because he didn't want anyone to find out and tell his parents what he was going to do.

-switch to Grant-

Grant had checked on Layla and Megan a few times over the month and was happy to see that Layla had kept her word and he could tell that Megan was slowly healing. It was now time for him to get Devlin to see her, or Megan to see him.

-switch to Devlin-

Devlin had not tried to visit Megan once. It was not because he did not want to. No, that was far from the truth. He did. More than he probably should. The only reason he hadn't gone was because he was dealing with the mess his father had left behind. Their defenses were useless and their army was in disarray. If the humans wanted to talk the only thing to keep them out was the threat of the vampires themselves.

-switch to Riley-

Riley had been noticing changes about herself over the past months so she had asked the king what was happening to her. At first she was terrified but over time she realized maybe this was a good thing. That maybe finally Vald wouldn't be scared to see her. She had been approached by quite a few faerie men but so far she had shot them all down. She had to see Vald and see what would happen between the two of them before she could ever fathom being with another man. She had nearly begged Irial to let her go to back home and he had finally given her permission.

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